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Police gun down two of Nairobi’s most wanted criminals in Witeithie.

The lifeless bodies of "Willis" (Top left) and "Mwani Sparta", two of the most dreaded gangsters in Nairobi and Kiambu area who were gunned down in Witeithie Estate yesterday. Mwanii was husband to Nairobi's prettiest thug (Bottom right) who was shot dead in May this year.
Residents of Witeithie Estate in Juja Constituency were on Sunday afternoon treated to a 2-hour gun drama as police battled some of the most dreaded hardcore criminals in Nairobi and Kiambu counties.

In the ensuing drama, a contingent of police drawn from the two counties managed to gun down two middle-aged said to be the most wanted criminals in the region.

According to the residents, the gun chase erupted from one of the residential plots in the Kenya Power line side and extended to the Witeithie side as the gang, who were believed to be five in number, tried to escape from the police who had already outnumbered them.

The gang was highly elusive and the police officers had to plan on how to ambush them.

One of them who appeared to be their leader, assumed a strategic position and started shooting at the officers as he signaled his accomplices to escape.

“Two of the gang members, a man and a woman, escaped towards ‘Msikitini’ direction and disappeared. The rest tried to run towards Athena through some shambas but two of them including their leader were gunned down,” explained one resident.

The first one, popularly known as “Willis”, a famous gangster in Kayole, is believed to be the one who shot and injured a civilian as he tried to hide inside a house, was shot just a few metres from where his victim was.

Their leader, one of Nairobi’s deadliest gangsters popularly known as “Mwani Sparta” and the husband to Nairobi’s prettiest thug Clare Mwaniki aka “Clare Adi Vybz”, managed to engage the police for quite a while before he was finally gunned down at a river as he tried to escape towards Athena area.

Clare was shot down by police officers in May this year in Lower Chokaa area on Kangundo Road in the company of three other criminals.

One of his other accomplice, who is said to have ran away in the same direction, robbed a Maasai herder at gunpoint before escaping.

The police believe that he and one other gang member escaped with some gunshot wounds.
Confirming the incident, Adiel Njagi Nyange the Kiambu Police County Commander who was accompanied by Kayole OCPD Joseph Gichangi, the gang were trailed from Kayole area to their new hideout in Witeithie Estate. He associated this gang to the killing of two police officers in Kibichoi area of Githunguri, Kiambu County on Friday last week. 

“Our officers waylaid the gangsters as they were getting out from their hideouts for an unknown mission. Upon spotting the police, the suspects opened fire and a shootout between the two groups ensued for quite some time,” said Nyange.

Nyange confirmed that incident of a civilian who was caught between the crossfire as he restrained one of gangsters from accessing a residential plot to hide from the police.

“We are happy to report that the victim is out of danger and has been rushed to the hospital,” he said.

He added that they had sent more officers to pursue those who escaped especially in the sprawling Kiandutu slums.

The police recovered one mini ceska pistol from the gangsters and 14 rounds of 1mm bullets. They also recovered a box containing about 20 rounds of 1mm bullets and a magazine plus some cannivas sativa.

He thanked the members of public for assisting the police to locate these criminals. He however appealed to anyone who came across any person with gun wounds to immediately notify the police for action.

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