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Wainaina files defamation complaint against Alice over fake campaign merchandise.

Eng. Patrick Wainaina (in a green cap) displaying his formal complaint to the members of press when he presented his petition to the Thika West DCC office on Wednesday. Wainaina is complaining that his rival Alice Ng'ang'a has printed stuff associating him with opposition politics.
One of the front runners in the race for the Thika Town parliamentary seat Eng. Patrick Wainaina Wa Jungle has filed a formal complaint to the authorities against his rival Hon. Alice Wambui Ng’ang’a for what he termed as character assassination.

In a statement to the press after presenting his petition to the office of the Thika West Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) Tom Anjere, Eng. Wainaina accused the incumbent of working behind the scenes to print election merchandise associating Wainaina with NASA Principal Raila Odinga.

“It is quite unfortunate that my competitor has secretly printed political merchandise bearing my name and that of the opposition chief Raila Odinga in a view to paint me as an opposition mole in the eyes of Thika residents. I have always taken the high road and turned the other cheek when untrue or unfair things have been said about me, but some things are so hurtful and extremely disastrous that they cannot simply be ignored,” Wainaina said.

According to him, his rival had printed helmets, T-shirts and reflectors which looked quite similar to his campaign materials, but this time, had the phrase Jungle na Raila inscribed on them. The target for these illegal materials was to distribute them to some hired youth during the NASA rally that was destined to be held on Saturday (17th June, 2017) at the Thika Sub-County Stadium.

Wainaina added that the scheme was to hire some bodaboda riders who would go to Blue Post Hotel and escort the NASA leaders to the town streets while donned in this attire and chanting praises of the opposition Chief Raila Odinga and that of Eng. Patrick Wainaina.

“I just want to make it crystal clear to the people of Thika Constituency that Wainaina Wa Jungle is an independent candidate whose only affiliation is with President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto. Anyone trying to brand me otherwise is a desperate loser who has nothing to offer the people of Thika,” he said.

He said that he would present the same petition to the Thika West OCPD, the DCIO and the IEBC returning officer for action as this was tantamount to breaching the elections code of conduct.

He warned that he would not hesitate to sue anyone found distributing or wearing any of those illegal materials regardless of their status in the community.

“Such materials are recipe for chaos as they are likely to ignite political heat that will eventually bring our supporters to fight each other,” he warned.

He called on all candidates to conduct peaceful and mature politics as this was the only way to guarantee a great future for Thika after August 8. 

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