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Thika Police nab notorious rapist, found with assorted weapons.

Kimani Koinange alias ‘Kim’, a young man who has been arrested by the police on suspicion of mugging and a spate of rape cases within the precincts of Thika Town.
Thika police have arrested a middle-aged man they suspect to be behind a series of rape cases and violent mugging of residents.

While briefing the members of press after the arrest, Thika Sub-County Administration Police Commandant Peter Nzimbi said that the suspect was nabbed in his hide out in Kiandutu Slums after him for quite a while.

Kimani Koinange alias ‘Kim’ is said to have been going round in Kiandutu slums at night mugging and raping women as well as stealing from the members of public for a sometime now. 

The suspect was also found in possession of a toy pistol capable of firing a bullet, police uniform, a panga and a knife which will be used as evidence against him in court.

Kim is believed to be a gang leader of a big group of criminals and the police have vowed to go out of their way to ensure that they apprehend the others.

Nzimbi said that during this campaign period they are working round the clock to ensure that they offered adequate security even to those conducting their campaigns at night.

“We are conducting our patrols in areas like Kiandutu, Kiganjo, and Makongeni among other crime hotspots that are popular with young boys fond of being troublesome,” he explained.

Some of the weapons and police stuff found in possession of the suspect during his arrest.
However, the DAPC decried frustrations by the courts as most of the suspects the apprehended were usually released only for them to come back and continue from where they stopped.

“For instance, we have arrested this particular suspect on several occasions but each time we took him to court he ended up being released and indulges into the same crime again and again,” said Nzimbi.

Nzimbi acknowledged numerous cases of insecurity in areas of Kiandutu, Majengo and Kiganjo slums but reckoned that his officers were alert and ready to counter any incident that arose.

The suspect is being held at the Thika Police station and will be arraigned in court once the police are through with investigations.

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