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Thika Muslims endorse Wainaina Candidature, pledge to work with him.

Just days after 300 women endorsed the candidature of Eng. Patrick Wainaina Wa Jungle for the Thika Parliamentary seat, hundreds of Muslim faithful in Thika have followed suit and declared their support for the Thika-based businessman.

Speaking after the IDD prayers in Thika Sub-County Stadium to mark the end of the holy month of Ramadhan, the Muslims also called for peaceful and mature campaigns.

Mzee Abdullahi Shaiya, the Chairman of the Thika Muslims, said as a community, they have opted to support Wainaina because of his development agenda and his close association with the Muslim community in Thika.

“As a religious community, we have endorsed this young man (Wainaina) because of his development agenda and his close links with us as Muslims. He has tried so much to change Thika with his projects and we believe that he is the right leader for Thika,” said Mzee Abdullahi.

These sentiments were echoed by the former deputy mayor Yassin Osman and youth leaders Bakari Wa Beaver line and Mohammed Abdi who said that Wainaina has been working very closely with the Muslim faithful and had shown his willingness to work with everybody without discrimination.

“Previously, I have not been supporting him, but his recent actions and today’s gesture towards the Muslim community has won my heart. I totally declare my support for him and will campaign for his candidature from now henceforth. As the Muslim community, we do not follow material gains but what a man stands for. Wainaina is a man with a big heart and we shall definitely vote for him,” said the former Majengo Ward Councilor.

Abdi reckoned that the Muslim community were people who kept their promises and they would fulfil this one by voting in Wainaina as a block to ensure he won the seat.

“Win or lose, we, the Thika Muslims will sail in the same boat with Wainaina. We will walk with him to the ballot. Inshallah! He will be our next MP,” said Abdi.

Bakari said that his support for Wainaina emanated from the businessman’s devotion to assisting the poor in the community and his cooperation with the Muslims.

While accepting this endorsement, Eng. Wainaina said he had been humbled by this gesture adding that he did not take for granted.

“To be accepted and supported by Muslim faithful from all the 7 mosques in Thika Town is not a small fete and I cannot take it for granted. I thank you all and promise to work with you to make 
Thika great again,” he said.

Wainaina donated blankets and foodstuff to the less fortunate in the society as a way to help them celebrate IDD. He wished all the Muslims EID Mubarak and a great future.

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