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The Kiambu race gets hotter; another candidate gets the go ahead.

Joyce Wanjiru Wandia (Wanjiru Wa Mashinani) displaying her IEBC certificate after she was cleared to contest in the race for Kiambu seat on a Party of National Unity (PNU).
The PNU nominee Joyce Wanjiru Wandia (Wanjiru Wa Mashinani) has asked the residents of Kiambu County to vote for her as their next for Women Representative in August as she was the most qualified candidate to capable of instituting the change and desired growth.

Citing her 10 year experience as a social welfare worker within Kiambu County, Wanjiru reckoned that those competing with her could not match her ability to lobby and advocate for equity and equal opportunities for the disadvantaged in their midst.

“In Kiambu we simply need experienced leadership to guide us into the future. I have the experience to do just that. My service to the people of Juja, Ruiru and Thika for the last 10 years have seen me help so many elderly people and destitute children who would have otherwise not benefitted from government aid,” said Wanjiru immediately after receiving her certificate to vie for the seat from the IEBC.

She said that her priority when she got to the National Assembly would be to sponsor and engage in bills and motions that aimed to redress the challenges that disadvantaged families suffered because of past or present discrimination. She added that she would develop programmes in Kiambu County that were geared towards helping people in need for purposes of poverty alleviation and also offer an opportunity to risk groups to maintain their households and preserve their human dignity. 

She therefore pleaded with Kiambu electorate not to be swayed by those who preached party politics but instead vote for proven leadership.

“This time, let nobody ask you to vote for them just because of their party affiliations. This time we will vote in individuals and their capabilities. Vote for me for I am fiscally responsible and has great appreciation for family and social well-being of the people,” she said.

“The ear of the leader must ring with the voices of the people”. Trust must be fostered between the leadership and community. Ideas, not ideology, form the foundation of communities. I have spent the past few months knocking on doors throughout the county; I have learned that our people have countless ideas and it is time we actualised their dreams and aspirations.”

Otherwise, she called for peaceful campaigns devoid of violence and dirty politicking adding that all the people of Kiambu needed was good leadership.

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