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Meet John Kanyiri Aka Kanyes revolutionizing Thika's Dread lock styling.

John Kanyiri Aka Kanyes with a client doing what he does best at Davies Hair Care.

John Kanyiri Aka Kanyes is a professional hair and beauty specialist, who works at Davies Hair Care, and has curved a niche in making dread locks look glam, he offers his advice to the youth who are complaining that there are no jobs to take it upon themselves and take up an opportunity that comes along he believes that  “Kazi ni Kazi”, and would like to see that the negative perception about beauty and hair care jobs are meant for a certain gender is changed.

1.      Did you grow up in Thika?

No I grew up in Nyeri County, I came to Thika seeking for greener pastures as hair and beauty professional.

2. What do you like about Thika Town?

It’s a very busy town that provides opportunity for business, in fact it would be a crime if you came to this town and lament about lack of opportunities and yet there are plenty. Thika is a generally clean town we have lots of eateries that provide tasty and affordable meals.

3.What would like to change about Thika?

I would love safety at night to be improved at night there are certain streets that are not safe, I would like to see that the town is kept clean, the eye soring garbage sites in certain parts is what I would like improved on.

4. As a Beautician how is it working in Thika?

Yes they have supported me as a matter of fact were it not for their support Davies Hair Care wouldn’t be were it is we have gotten a lot of clientele coming here because we offer the best that there is in this town.

5. What three things would you say to sell Thika as a place is worth visiting?

They should visit Thika Town because there are plenty of job opportunities, we have continued to enjoy relative peace and they are plenty of eateries that provide tasty meals at an affordable rate. 

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