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M-PESA trader robbed at gun-point in Witeithie.

Two lady M-PESA attendants lost KES. 55,000 at gun-point near the Witeithie Estate Stage in Juja Constituency when two armed thugs raided their shop on Monday evening.

Confirming the incident, Juja OCPD Patricia Narsio said the criminals went to Mujenya Investment Ltd M-PESA around 6.30pm posing as customers. One of them pretended to withdrawal KES. 500 while his accomplish requested to have his cellphone charged.

As one of the attendants opened shop’s door to take the phone, the thug drew a pistol and forced himself in as his accomplice kept guard at the entrance. Within a fraction of a second, he emptied the cash box and starched the loot in his pockets.

Narsio said the thugs were cajoled to shoot in the air to clear the way after one of the attendants raised alarm. Traders at the busy stage suffered losses after their property was destroyed as members of public scampered for safety after hearing the loud bang from the gangster’s weapon enabling them to flee.

Nobody was injured during the incident.

By Tuesday morning, no arrest or recovery had been made.

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