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UNBELIEVABLE: This Is What Happened To The Suspects Who Killed A KDF Soldier!

Four suspects who were apprehended by the police in connection to Nico Chege's murder in Kandara on Sunday night. Chege was a KDF soldier based in Kahawa Barracks who recently came back to Kenya after a 4-year mission in Somalia.
A Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) officer was attacked and killed by suspected thugs at his Kandara house on Sunday night.

According to eyewitnesses, about 6 thugs broke into Daniel Chege Ng’ang’a alias Nico’s house in Kiguoya village at around 1am whereby a fight ensured between them and the officer. Within the same house, was his wife Ivy Wambui Kang’ethe  and his mother Grace Wangari Ng’ang’a.

It is understood that Chege managed to seriously injure a few of the attackers before they finally hit him on the head with a blunt object, instantly killing him. They also seriously injured the mother and Wambui before fleeing without stealing anything.

“It was raining heavily and no one could hear the commotion from the neighbourhood. The victims too could not call to seek help as their cellphones had been taken by the thugs. It is after everything had settled down that the wife managed to crawl to her grandfather’s house, a few metres away, and seek help,” explained Chege’s aunt.

The neighbours were called in and the victims rushed to Thika Level 5 Hospital. Kandara police rushed in the crime scene and took the body of the deceased to General Kago Funeral Home.

As fate would have it, as Chege’s mother and his wife were being attended at the casualty department, an ambulance from Ruiru came in with two casualties who needed immediate medical attention.

To her shock, Wambui noticed one of the two young men being brought in had wrapped his belly with her own sweater. The other one had wrapped his injury with Wangari’s bed sheet and had Chege’s army bag’s strip strapped around his wrist. She alerted the nurses who secretly called the police who came and apprehended the two.

According to the Ruiru medics, the two came to the centre, the first one claiming to have been attacked by thugs in Githurai area and the second one alleging that he had been involved in a motorcycle accident.

The first suspect, Simon Kamau believed to hail from Kiandutu Slums, had his belly split open with his intestines falling out, the reason he was holding it using Wangari’s sweater. By the time we left the hospital at around 7pm, he was still in the theater room undergoing surgery to repair his raptured belly and intestines.

Mwangi’s accomplice was treated and taken to Kandara Police Station for questioning. Along with him were too young girls who were overheard by curious wananchi talking about the suspects.

“One of the girls was heard telling her friend that she had warned them against coming to Thika Level 5 Hospital for treatment but according to her, they ignored this warning. That is when angry wananchi pounced on them and demanded for an explanation. They were very lucky the police were near because the angry mob were baying for their blood,” said one person.

Wambui was treated to a few bruises and some slight fractures on the leg and arm and discharged. His mother had suffered a fracture on her right hand and the skull and seems to have been in a coma. She was unable to communicate anything but could follow people with her eyes.

The doctor handling her case admitted her and said they would conduct further medical examination to ascertain her condition.

The body of the deceased was later transferred by his colleagues to the Armed Forces Memorial Hospital in Nairobi.

Chege was a 33-year old soldier based in Kahawa Barracks. According to relatives, he recently reported back to the country from Somalia after surviving two Al Shabaab attacks.

He has left behind two daughters, the eldest who is in class three.

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