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New Twist: Are the Police Holding the Wrong Suspects in the KDF Murder Case?

Two of the suspects under police radar over the murder of KDF soldier Daniel Chege (INSET) and his mother on the night of April 30th in Kiguoya village, Murang'a County.
Slain Kenya Defence Force (KDF) Daniel Chege Ng’ang’a alias Nico's murder has taken a new twist after a different theory emerged in relation to the two murder suspects in police custody.

According to sources close to the police, the first suspect, who is already in custody in Kandara, was alleged to have been attacked by an angry mob in Ruiru after he was nabbed stealing household appliances in a residential plot.

Our sources state that Kandara police took him to the said residential plot and was positively identified by the tenants who included the caretaker, as the suspect who was beaten up by the mob after he was cornered stealing in one of the houses.

“Yes, he was positively identified by the caretaker and tenants as the guy who was caught stealing some electrical appliances in one of the houses. He may not be part of the gang that was involved in the Kiguoya crime, but investigations are still ongoing,” said our source who did not want to be identified due to the sensitivity of the matter.

Our investigations also took us to the Thika Level 5 Hospital to the second suspect, Simon Kamau, who is still undergoing treatment at the hospital.

According to him, he claims to be unaware of how he got entangled in the KDF murder and claims that his injuries culminated from an attack in Githurai 45 at the dawn of Sunday April 30th after a night of merry at a club in the area.

“I had just left the club some minutes before six in the morning, heading to the bus stop to board a bus to Witeithie where I live. A few metres from the club, I was attacked by a gang of young men who robbed me of my phone and sh. 600. In the process, they stabbed me in the abdomen and fled,” explained Kamau.

Kamau allege that he was unaware of the severity his would until he arrived at his rented room in Witeithie Estate when the pain got unbearable. It was then he realised that his intestines had fallen off his belly.

He claimed to have taken some clothing, tie it round his belly and took some sh. 5,000 that he had in his house and left to seek medical attention in Thika. He claims to have hired a tuktuk to Thika Level 5 Hospital where he was immediately attended to before some police officers came and handcuffed him on suspicion that he had a hand on the KDF soldier’s murder.

One thing not clear is how the clothing belonging to the victims came to be connected to the suspects. Were they a case of mistaken identity or a scenario of a third party involved? That still remains a puzzle.

Kamau, 31, claims to be a miraa vendor in the area and at times works as a turnboy in one of the trucks that transport sand in Kenol Area of Murang'a County.

He hails from Gathaiti village in Kariua Location of Kandara. Currently, Kamau lives in Witeithie Estate in Juja sub-county.

Sources close to his family indicate that Kamau had been spotted at his elderly mother’s rural home on Friday.

While briefing the members of press at the hospital, Kandara Deputy OCPD M. Gathoni Mung’aro said that investigations were still ongoing to ascertain the real culprits but assured the members of public that they will get to the bottom of this crime. She said that police were still following crucial leads to see if the two suspects were actually at the scene of murder at the time this crime happened.

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 However, she remained none committal on the innocence or otherwise of the two until forensic investigations were complete as she could not react on speculations.

“We are pursuing several leads and we are confident that we are going to apprehend all those who were involved in this crime. We are also appealing to the members of public to remain calm and whoever has any information that can lead to the arrest of these criminals to come forth and tell us,” said Mung’aro.

She assured that any information relayed to them by the public would be treated with utmost confidentiality.

She also appealed to the public to stay vigil and be on the lookout of any suspicious activities or characters within their locality.

Meanwhile, uncomfirmed reports from Kiguoya indicate that children yesterday bumped into a wallet of one of the suspects in the family shamba containing his ID card, his passport photos and that of one of the girls who had initially been arrested and released. The documents have been taken to Kandara police for further investigation.

Chege’s mother Ms. Grace Wangari Ng’ang’a, who had sustained injuries in the gang attack on the night of April 30th, succumbed to injuries at Thika Level 5 Hospital Tuesday morning while undergoing treatment.

Grace, her son and daughter-in-law Ivy Wambui Kang’ethe were attacked in their home by a gang of about six who killed Chege on the spot and injured the two.

Wangari and Wambui were rushed to the hospital, with the elder lady having sustained serious head injuries. She spent two days in a coma but regained her conscious on Monday night where she even managed to talk with those who visited her.

It is understood that her condition was okay on Tuesday morning before she later developed some breathing complications and later died while being attended to.

A sombre mood engulfed Thika Level 5 Hospital as friends and relatives streamed the premises upon getting the news of the demise of the lady.

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