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Majority of Kiambu residents disagree with Jubilee nominations results – Poll.

More than 50% of Kiambu residents disapprove the way Jubilee Party primaries were conducted and think that they were not free and fair.

In a survey carried out by Thika Town Today between the 21st of May and 28th May 2017, 54% of the respondents said that the Jubilee Party nominations did not reflect the wish of the people of Kiambu County.

31% of those polled believed that the exercise was very good, with 14% saying that it was just fair.

Respondents disapproving the outcome of the nominations have various irregularities including some people being involved in multiple voting, biased poll officials, incorrect results announcements and legitimate voters intentionally being barred from voting.

Those who felt that the polls were fair accuse the losers of crying wolf after being rejected by ‘Wanjiku’.

A whopping 61% said that come August 8, they will vote for leaders according to their policies with a paltry 13% agreeing that the issue of parties and propaganda will influence their choice of leaders in the general elections. 11% reckoned that money might play a part in their decision come August.

There was 25% of the respondent who believed that President Uhuru Kenyatta will determine who will be voted within the Jubilee-rich vote region even though another 60% said that they would look at one’s individual record when choosing their leaders.

The poll is likely to generate controversy especially from the Jubilee nominees as it shows that some of them might lose in the final poll even though the region is a perceived party stronghold.

The survey targeted 800 respondents to represent the projected adult population of 1.2 million Kiambu dwellers.

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