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A C-section gone wrong - Mother falls into a seven months comma.

Joseph Ndirangu holding his seven month-old twin sons who have never seen their mother Sophia Wairimu due to complications emanating from a caesarian operation gone wrong.
In October 2016, Sophia Wairimu and Joseph Ndirangu were so excited to welcome their newborn twin sons but their happiest moment turned to be their source of gloom as, seven months down the line, they cannot enjoy the parenthood due to a problem not of their own making.

When her time for delivery was due, Wairimu was rushed to a private hospital in Thika where doctors recommended she delivers through a caesarian section.

According to her husband, she immediately fell into a comma after the C-section and has never recovered since.

“I rushed her to Vineyard Hospital in Thika on the 13th of October 2016 because doctors in public hospitals were on strike. The following day, she underwent a caesarian section and immediately developed difficulties in breathing which may have affected her brain.  She fell into a comma and has never woken up,” explained Ndirangu.

When she failed to recover, Ndirangu was forced to transfer her to Thika Level 5 Hospital where she spent 42 days in the ICU and later transferred to the Thika Nursing Home.  

“On 14th April this year, we transferred her to Thika Nursing Home after being advised that this was the best for her due to the prevailing strike and there was nothing much those taking care of the facility could do for her,” he said.

Eventually, he was forced to take his patient home and has since hired a doctor who charges KES. 5, 000 daily.

Ndirangu has since been facing myriads of challenges in taking care of their seven months old twin sons and is now appealing to well-wishers to assist them meet the expensive medical care.

The patient is currently being accommodated by a well-wisher in Thika as a relative is assisting in taking care of the kids.

Ndirangu adds that he has been advised to take his wife to a certain hospital with specialists who can rectify her condition.

Anyone willing to help the family can reach them on Telephone No. 0726 837 290 or send their contribution to the Equity Bank Account Thika Branch - 0090191074456.

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