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Wainaina’s Good Friday’s “Meet The People Tour” Brings Town To A Standstill.

Patrick Kimani Wainaina (Wa Jungle) addressing jubilant supporters along Kwame Nkrumah in Thika during a "Meet The People" Tour to urge residents to get out in large numbers to participate in Jubilee Primaries on 21st April. INSET: Wainaina mingling with residents along Thika streets.

Business came to a halt in Thika Town as parliamentary aspirant Patrick Kimani Wainaina (Wa Jungle) toured Hospital and Township Wards in what can be dubbed as a “Meet The People Tour” to popularise his candidature and mobilise residents to come out and vote in the Jubilee Party Primaries next Friday.

The aspirant’s entourage arrived at Mukiriti Market at around 3pm, where he was given a rousing welcome by jubilant supporters generally paralysing business in the market and locking out Kenyatta Highway.

Matatus and other vehicles had to either stop or slow down to give way for the swelling crowd resulting to heavy traffic for the duration the politician was in the area.

Ululations and claps rent the air as the crowd cheered Wa Jungle, as they walked him through virtually all the streets within the town’s CBD.

As he walked and greeting the residents along the streets and in their workplaces, Wainaina said that he was embarking on a constituency-wide campaign in the run up to next Friday’s party primaries to mobilise people to get out and nominate their candidates of choice.

“If you are indeed unhappy with the current establishments, you must get out there and vote for the right people. By not voting especially in the forthcoming primaries, you are in effect voting for the entrenched establishments who are keenly aware that it is in their interests to keep you disgusted and give you every possible reason to stay away from the nominations In reality, there is no such thing as not voting: you either vote by voting, or you vote by staying home and tacitly doubling the value of some diehard's vote,” explained Wa Jungle.

He called on Thika Town Constituency residents elect independent, sincere, honest, and God fearing leaders, who would steer the affairs of their constituency to great heights. In his “dialogue with the people”, Wainaina that a time had come when leaders reciprocated the electorate’s goodwill by trickling back developmental projects that were beneficial to the masses.

He exuded confidence that he was going to win, thus called on all Thika residents to vote for him in the Jubilee Nominations as he was the best bet to restore the long lost glory of this constituency.


“As the residents of this great constituency, we have no choice but vote for progressive change. Majority of our youth are unemployed, so many people are living in abject poverty and our schools are no good. Look at how much our have suffered. This is your chance to be the change you have always yearned for. Vote for Wainaina Wa Jungle and you will not regret that choice,” he said.

“At the end of my five years, I guarantee you that we will have created enough wealth for ourselves. I am promising you this because I will actually deliver.” He added.

Otherwise, Wainaina called on Jubilee Party to guarantee a free and fair nominations and plan well to avoid a shameful scenario like the one that was witnessed in Busia County on Thursday during the ODM primaries.

“My solemn appeal to the party is just to offer a platform for free and fair elections where the will of the people will prevail. We wouldn’t really want an experience similar to what we saw in Busia County during the ODM Party primaries. Let the mess in Busia present Jubilee Party with viable lessons to help them stage very credible and incident-free nominations,” he said.

He also appealed the uniformed force to ensure that security was guaranteed as those aspirants who sensed defeat might take advantage of the situation to course chaos and disrupt normal voting and tallying of votes.

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