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Wa Jungle Refutes Propaganda Being Peddled That He Has A Preferred Gubernatorial Candidate.

Thika Parliamentary aspirant Eng. Patrick Wainaina Wa Jungle has rubbished claims going round social media platforms that he has aligned himself to certain leaders in the county.

Wainaina sought to calm anxiety among aspirants and Thika electorate with assurances that he had endorsed neither incumbent Governor William Kabogo nor his main rival Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu saying that he had let the people of Thika to decide who they really wanted as their leaders.

Speaking briefly after a church service in Thika, Wainaina said that he at no any given time endorsed anyone and that Thika residents were free to vote for any candidate whom they deemed right for them. Wainaina cited that those spreading the said propaganda were pursuing their personal interests and were out to tarnish his name and create enmity among the people and leaders in the constituency.

“It is quite unfortunate that any leader can propagate falsehoods with an intent to discredit my candidature. I have no preferred candidate for any other seat. The only candidate I have ever endorsed is President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto to defend their seats in the 2017 general election,” said Wainaina.

“Let me emphasise that I will work with the leaders that the people of Thika elect and together we shall present to the county our shared vision and agenda,” he added.

He encouraged leaders to focus more on the interests of the voters and work towards improving their livelihoods instead of concentrating on the negatives that would not add food on the table. 

The aspirant said that he was hoping for a free fair and democratic repeat nomination process on Tuesday and expressed confidence that he would clinch the Thika Parliamentary seat.

He appealed to the residents to once again turn up in large numbers to vote in the primaries on Tuesday adding the he was the best bet for Thika Town Constituency.

However, he hoped that the Jubilee Party would this time round be more organised and provide enough elections material so that the will of the people of Thika prevailed.

He called on the people to exercise utmost tolerance in the exercise adding that everyone should respect the rights of each citizen to vote for the candidates of their choice.

“I want to tell the people of Thika that I am a peace loving leader who will not accept anyone to disrupt the nomination exercise through violence. I am privy to information that some people are planning to cause chaos due to the fact that they have already sensed defeat. Elections will come and go but the country shall remain. Our country is bigger than any individual and for that matter, it is paramount to have peace,” said Wainaina.

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