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Two Middle-Aged Women Arrested For Attempting To Steal From A Women Using 'Dawa'.

Police whisking away the suspects from an angry crowd which was baying for their blood.
Thika police are holding two middle-aged women for sedating and attempting to steal from another woman within the CBD.

The two were arrested near Family Bank along Uhuru Street where they had been spotted by a security gourd working nearby as they tried to trick the victim into releasing her possessions to them.

“I saw these two approach the victim and started talking. After about five minutes, the victim gave them her handbag and phone and they started confusing into walking away. As they approached where I was, I stopped them and started to interrogate them,” said the guard.

Upon realising that they might have been cornered, one of them attempted to run away but they were both accosted by the security personnel guarding the neighbouring banks.

The security guard explained that the victim looked confused and in disarray as they tried to enquire about the whole incident. He explained that the manner in which they executed their mission was so well planned that it was very hard for anyone to detect anything fishy.

“These ladies look very harmless and anyone would be excused to assume that they are just innocent pedestrians. They handle their victims in such a manner that people would be hoodwinked to think they are together,” added the guard.

Their arrest attracted a huge crowd who were baying for their blood forcing the police to use force to disperse the irate crowd before whisking them to a waiting police van and straight to Thika Police Station.

When word went round that two women had been arrested trying to 'medicinally' con another woman, several previous victims went to identify the culprits. Two among them positively identified the suspects, confirming that they were responsible for the loss of their money and possessions worth over a hundred thousand shillings on separate but similar circumstances.

Thika police have now issued a safety alert warning people against entertaining strangers into lengthy discussions especially if the said ‘strangers’ pretended to get concerned with their personal lives or wanted to pray for the victims.

Investigators pointed out that the suspects usually approached their targets near banks pretending to be asking for directions. 

“When the victim starts to talk to them, these women engage them in lengthy conversation as a delaying tactic aimed at getting an opportunity to drug them. Before they realise, the victims is sedated with some chemicals and they lose their ability to reason logically,” said Bernard Ayoo, the Deputy OCPD Thika.

The faces of the two suspects arrested while trying to steal from a woman.
Mr. Ayoo said that it was during that state of confusion that victims were lured into handing over all their possessions to these criminals.

He however lamented about the behaviour of several victims who opted not to press charges after they got back their possessions.

“Victims who withdraw cases after the suspects are arrested are usually our biggest enemies as their actions encouraged these conwomen to continue with the crime. People should have these cases go full length so as to deter others from the habit,” said the OCPD.

Ayoo further warned Thika residents to be on the lookout on robbers who posed as police officers and ‘arrested’ people near banks especially those either depositing or withdrawing substantial amounts of money.

“We are also aware of a gang posing as police officers and pretending to arrest people who are getting in or out of banks. If anyone approaches you in such a manner, just demand that they fully identify themselves. If you doubt them, seek assistance from officers manning the banks. Never just jump into a car without taking all precautions,” he advised.

He appealed to any resident who has lost money in similar circumstances to report to Thika Police Station and identify if the two suspects in custody were involved.

Of late, there has been numerous reports of people losing colossal sums of money near banking institutions within Thika Town through either sedated attacks or robbers posing as police officers.

In some cases it has been as a result of the victims’ irresponsibility or carelessness and at times entertaining conversations from strangers. In other instances, some unscrupulous bank employees and guards have been involved in these robberies by alerting the criminals on people withdrawing large amounts of money. There are also cases where the victims are set up by their own colleagues at their workplaces.

This therefore calls on everyone to be extra vigil especially when handling large amounts of money. If need be, it is advisable to seek police assistance when moving around with such monies.

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