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Thika Level 5 Hospital Is In A Class Of Its Own In Terms Of Health Services Provision.

The entrance to Thika Level 5 Hospital, its casualty department, the new ICU and HDU Units that are part of the new  infrastructural developments.
Thika Level 5 Hospital is promising to build a powerful and lasting relationship with their clients by providing first class services as well as offering fast and timely responses in the case of customer complaints.

This was revealed by the Medical Superintendent Dr. Andrew Joshua Toro who said that their mission was to make it the hospital of choice for Kiambu County and the entire region. To achieve this, the management had invested heavily in capacity building and remuneration of their workforce to ensure they were self-driven and passionate in whatever they did.

“Our hospital is one of the most unique level 5 and teaching referral hospitals with a very dedicated and passionate human resource. We have also heavily invested in infrastructural development and in the procurement and acquisition of both pharmaceuticals and other necessities,” said Dr. Toro.

The superintendent added that they had also automated all their systems into one central control unit where every department’s activities could be monitored at any given time thus enhancing proper supervision and accountability.

The hospital too operates a ‘Customer Care’ office to address all complaints brought forth by their clients.

“Every morning, I go through the record of all complaints brought forward to that desk and personally make some follow ups because our clients’ opinion mean so much to us and give us an insight as to how we can continue improving our services. We’re committed to providing the best customer service possible,” he said. 

Dr. Toro, who also doubles up as the Kiambu County Director of Curative & Rehabilitative Services, also assured Kiambu residents that the hospital was now operating full capacity after the recent doctors’ strike.

“All our departments are fully operational. Our wards are full and we are now serving about 2,000 out-patients daily.”

A section of the new-look out-patient department waiting bay. (Inset: Medical Superintendent Dr. Andrew Joshua Toro.)
Among other major projects going on within the institution is the 300-bed capacity reproductive health unit which will tentatively be operational by June this year. The Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) unit will be operational starting next month.

They currently boasts of a 6-bed ICU unit, a 3-bed HDU unit, a Renal unit that serves about 10 dialysis sessions daily and a very operational theater for both surgical cases and caecilian section.

However, Dr. Toro acknowledge that the facility is faced with some shortage of manpower in some departments even though they are working out a formula to gradually address these gaps.

He also pointed out that there has been an increase in the number of people coming to them for medical fee waivers after failing to raise the amount demanded by the hospital for medical services. 

He advised Kiambu residents to register for NHIF scheme so as to ease their own burden of soliciting money to clear hospital bills. 

“Majority of the people we serve here at Thika Level 5 Hospital do not have the NHIF cards. For a monthly subscription of Ksh. 500, they will have offloaded their burden of raising money to clear their bills. Please enroll with this scheme,” he concluded.

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