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Failure Is Not In My DNA And I Won’t Start Losing Now! Declares Jubilee Candidate.

The Jubilee Party smartcard that has caused ripples to many of those aspiring to clinch the Jubilee ticket for the August 8 polls.
A Thika Town parliamentary aspirant has exuded confidence that he will win the forthcoming and eventually clinch the seat in August.

In an interview with a local media house on Tuesday, Eng. Patrick Wainaina (Wa Jungle) characteristically showed no sign of self-doubt in the face of a tough race pitting him against the incumbent Alice Wambui Ng’ang’a and Morris Mburu, in just about two weeks before the Jubilee primaries.

Wainaina said that those underestimating his support would be in for a very rude shock

“I am gonna win. There is no question about that,” Wainaina said. “Since joining primary school, I have never failed and I will not start now!”

He added that his confidence was derived from his association with Thika residents with whom he had worked for over 12 years.

Jubilee Nominations.

While brimming with confidence about the state of the race and brimming with energy despite his breakneck campaign schedule, Wainaina argued that if at all the Jubilee Party nominations will be free and fair, he was sure of a win. He added that his support was gaining an incredible amount of strength in these closing days, strength that would prove decisive at the ballot box.

However, he appealed to the JP Headquarters to streamline their register before they embarked on the primaries. He pointed out that the issue of the smartcards was proving to be quite a challenge due to their unavailability and complications emanating from their registration process.

“I doubt if Jubilee (Party) will use these smartcards for the primaries. If I had my way, I would suggest that we use both their register and that of the IEBC to authenticate the voters list during the party nominations. Otherwise, the party also needs to release the dates for these nominations so as to assist candidates in their preparations,” said Wainaina.

“But just in case JP insists on using the smartcards, I request those who not yet registered to do so via SMS by sending their name and ID card numbers to 30553. Keep the text reply showing your membership number for use during the nominations.” 

He also appealed to the party to guarantee security throughout the exercise as there were reports of those sensing defeat planning to disrupt the nominations through chaos.


Wainaina cautioned the electorate to be wary of people out to mudsling their opponents through negative propaganda terming this trend as defeatist and a sign that they had nothing constructive to offer to the residents of Thika Town Constituency.  

“Wainaina Wa Jungle is offering ‘Siasa Biashara’ and will not drag himself into cheap politics of mudslinging and name calling. My mission is to empower the people and not take advantage of their plight to misuse them into causing chaos for my political expedience. Those spreading falsehoods in places like Kiandutu and Makongeni should first tell what they have done to uplift the standards of living for these residents. I can proudly point out my projects in those areas that have transformed the lives of several youth and women,” he concluded.

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