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Revealed! Assassins Paid Ksh. 0.5m Down payment To Assassinate Mrs. Githitu.

Friends and neighbours assist the police to put the body of slain Joyce Wambui Githitu into a police van on Tuesday. Joyce was murdered at her home by unknown people on Monday night.
Latest developments in the murder case where prominent Thika businesslady Joyce Wambui Githitu was bludgeoned to death indicate that four hitmen were paid Sh. 500,000 as down payment by unidentified people to eliminate her.

Purity Wanjiru Simon, the house help who worked for Wambui at the time of her death is already in police custody and is helping them with the investigations. Purity had just worked for the deceased for about two months before the unfortunate incident on Monday night.

While being interrogated at Kirwara Police Station in Gatanga Murang’a County, Purity is said to have revealed that the scheme to kill the deceased had been hatched a month ago. The motive of the killing and the persons who planned and paid for the execution was not immediately known.

During this raid, the assailants disabled all the security cameras before the raid, indicating that the attack was well planned by professionals.

Police sources indicate that the house help has assisted them in revealing the identities of the four assassins men who she said planned and carried out the murder at Wambui’s Maki estate home on Gatanga Road. 

There are all indications that the police are having great leads that could result in arrests of the perpetrators soon.

Other reports say that three months ago, gunmen raided the home and stole more than Sh.5 million cash. No one has been arrested in that incident. 

During her live interview with the press on the scene of murder, Gatanga OCPD Beatrice Kiraguri said that the killers hit Wambui twice on the head with a crowbar between 8pm and 10pm Monday night.

She said nothing was stolen from her, further indicating that the killing was an assassination.

“It will only be a matter of time before we catch up with the culprits,” the police boss said on Tuesday.

Alfred Wanyoike, chairman Thika District Business Association (TDBA), said it was regrettable that assailants are targeting traders.

“We fear because we don’t know who is next in line. We called upon the authorities to beef up security in this area,” he said.

Wambui’s late husband, Peter Githitu, was assassinated in the year 2006 outside their wholesale shop in Thika Town by unknown people. No one has ever been arrested in connection to his murder, neither its motive revealed.

The family has been into business within Thika for more than 40 years and are known for their humility and generosity. Wambui is survived by one daughter, Mercy Githitu.

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