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Thika In Shock Over Slain Businesslady, Just A Few Years After Her Husband’s Murder.

The scene at The Late Joyce Wambui's home in Maki Estate when her body was being taken to the morgue for postmortem. INSET: The Late Joyce Wambui in a file picture.
A sombre mood has engulfed Thika Town and its environment following the mysterious demise of Joyce Wambui Githitu Monday night.

Mama Mercy, as she was popularly known, was murdered by unknown people at her Maki Estate home near Jogoo Kimakia Hotel in Murang’a County between 8pm and 10pm after arriving from work.
Preliminary reports indicate that a group of unidentified people barged into her compound before attacking her with a crude weapon that killed her instantly. Her killing was unknown to her neighbours until this morning when her house help.

The murder scene was stained in blood, an indication that the victim may have tried to run away before she succumbed to the blow.

Gatanga OCPD Beatrice Kiraguri said that the victim was hit on the head with a crowbar at the entrance of her servants’ quarters where her house help used to sleep. The police do not have information of the culprits gained entry into the compound as there were no visible signs of any break-in within the compound.

“We got report of the murder this morning (Tuesday) but cannot ascertain the exact time the crime was committed. Her house help informed us that the deceased had arrived home from work at around 8pm. We do not know how they entered the compound but we suspect that they may have sneaked in when she came home or they may have entered before the arrival of the victim,” said Kiraguri.

She added that the house help claimed to have managed to escape the gang’s net when she heard commotion near her house. The gang had before the murder destroyed the CCTV cameras but fortunately never managed to escape with the machinery.

“Forensic crime investigation will be carried out on these gadgets to try and see if they can help us nab the culprits,” said the OCPD.

Preliminary reports indicate that the motive might have been that of murder for nothing seemed to have been stolen from the victim’s house.

“They took nothing from the house other than those few electronics which included equipment connected to the CCTV and the car key that they had packed in a bag but later dropped them on their way out,” she said.

Even though the victim’s compound has no visible gate gourd, the area is manned by a security guard firm that patrols to ensure the security of the estate. According to the residents we talked to, this was just an isolated case of insecurity as they have enjoyed a relatively quiet environment.
Gatanga OCPD Beatrice Kiraguriduring the press briefing at the scene of the murder.

By the time of the murder, only the victim and her house help were within the compound. The house help has accompanied the police for further investigations.

“Cases of insecurity here are not common. This must have been a well-orchestrated scheme that had a particular target,” said one of the neighbours.

The Right Reverend Julius Njuguna Wanyoike, Thika Diocesan Bishop called for calm as they wait for police investigations. He praised the police for their prompt response but also reminded the family and friends that the blood of a human being will never drain away in vain.

He also appealed to Thika residents to embrace the spirit of ‘Nyumba Kumi’ Initiative as it was in such measures that people would be able to identify and flush out evil elements amongst them.

Mama Mercy is said to be a very social and approachable lady who used to participate in all the undertakings of the estate’s association.

In the year 2006, her husband Peter Githitu, who was a renowned businessman in Thika Town, died in broad daylight in a hail of bullets outside their wholesale shop within the CBD.

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