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IEBC Reach A Memorandum With Jubilee To Conduct Its Party Primaries.

Hon. Raphael Tuju shakes hands with IEBC Chair Wafula Chebukati  after meeting the party officials at Jubilee House, Pangani.
Jubilee Party of Kenya (JP) and the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) have reached a memorandum to contract the electoral body with the task of conducting the party’s nominations.

An IEBC team led by Chair Wafula Chebukati and CEO Ezra Chiloba met officials of Jubilee Party under secretariat head Hon. Raphael Tuju at Jubilee House, Pangani on Friday and engaged on how to handle their party nominations to be held in March this year.

“We have had a meeting with Jubilee Party and we are committed to delivering credible and fair elections. We have reached a memorandum with them and also discussed the issue of impartiality,” said Chebukati after the meeting.

Chebukati however complained that the extension of the mass voter registration exercise by the courts was eating up into the IEBC budget but he assured Kenyans that the voter register will be presented to the public and parties for verification on May 9th.

“We will clean the voter register to remove dead voters and present it to the public and parties for verification on May 9th,” explained the IEBC boss.

Tuju praised the polls team for a commendable job that had seen them remove certain doubts in a section of Kenyans about the electoral process.

“We are delighted that the IEBC has been announcing the results of the voter registration on a weekly basis. For the first time in this country we know the exact number of registered voters per constituency (and) per county. This removes some of the mysteries that surround the election process in this country and it will help to democratise the electoral process,” said Tuju.

He added that JP and the IEBC addressed issues regarding their primaries where the electoral body agreed to help Jubilee party conduct free and fair elections.

“We have the capacity of running party nominations. However, we have addressed the issue of cleaning the register from our stand point so that we can adequately plan for our own primaries. We have agreed to constitute a 6-man team (3 from each side) to deliberate on the nitty gritty and iron out all the logistics. We shall afterwards resolve the issue of funding the participation of IEBC in our party nominations,” said the former minister.

Tuju dismissed as a fallacy by the opposition that Jubilee will rig the August elections.

“NASA is perpetuating falsehood impressions that IEBC is in an unholy alliance with Jubilee Party. It is wrong not unless the IEBC goes into cahoots with us. Kenyans are today aware of the difference between an ecstatic, full and exciting drama of a rally as opposed to the actual number of people who are registered to vote. The biggest rally will not translate to the biggest number of votes. It is those who actually register that determine election results,” said Tuju.

Wherever they have held their rallies, the opposition has perpetuated the narrative that the elections will be rigged in Jubilee’s favour.

Meanwhile, Jubilee Party Interim County Officials from Nairobi, Kajiado, Kiambu counties are currently undergoing some capacity building workshop at the party HQ.

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