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Thika University Students Kick-off Voter Registration Campaign To Ensure Prudent Election Of Leaders.

MKUSA President Charles Karondo addressing the press during the voter registration drive kick-off.

University and college student leaders in Thika Town and its environs have launched a campaign to sensitise their colleagues on the importance of registering as voters with a common goal of eliminating bad leadership in Thika.

Addressing the press conference after a sensitisation campaign of more than 450 students in an event held in Mount Kenya University (MKU), the students expressed their dissatisfaction with the incumbents in Thika who, according to them, have done nothing tangible in terms of development.

The students said that they were in Thika for the next four to five years and thus expected to vote in the area as they were currently tied to the goings-on in the constituency and Kiambu County at large.

Speaking on behalf of the students, Mount Kenya University Student Association (MKUSA) President Charles Karondo explained that they would use their votes as a weapon to demand representation and services. He added that they would register in large numbers and would consequently put the leaders to task so as to ensure they delivered their promises to the people of Thika.

“We are ready for the elections and this time round we are going to vote out all the leaders who have done less to support our education in this area. We are calling out to our fellow students to come out in large numbers and ensure we register as voters,” Karondo said.

The students have vowed to reject leaders who intended to use them as sycophants and hecklers in their campaigns saying that the hand-outs they received from these kind of leaders never translated into any development.

Vincent Muli vowed not to rest until all the students from over the 200 tertiary education institutions in Thika were registered as voters adding that their campaign was not political and that they would not favour any politician in their quest.

“We are conducting this campaign at our own cost and no one is paying us to do so. We want to ensure that the students vote this time without being misguided by the politicians. No one will accept to be used to cause chaos or receive hand-outs to vote for leaders,” he added.

They called on anyone willing to partner with them in sensitising the students, though, without a political interest to join them calling on Thika youths to join them in the mass voter registration taking from this week.

The students said that they would conduct door to door sensitisation program to ensure that they managed to reach all their target groups.

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