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Primate Claims His Life Is In Danger But Vows To Fight Off His ‘Illegal’ Ouster By All Means.

Retiring AIPCA outgoing Archbishop Amos Mathenge Kabuthu delivering service at Bahati Cathedral in Nairobi on Sunday afternoon where he insisted that Archbishop Julius Njoroge was illegally elected as the church head during a controversial election held at the Cathedral on January 9.
Outgoing AIPCA Archbishop Amos Mathenge Kabuthu is appealing to the government to provide him with security since him his life was in danger.

While delivering a Sunday service at Bahati Cathedral on Sunday afternoon Kabuthu said for a long time the church's constitution had been ignored and violated by some disgruntled elements within the church with the support of some government officials to bring chaos in the church. He added that the Constitution which had been approved by the registrar general should be a feared to the letter. 

“Whenever am going am being followed by heavily armed police officers. Even today you saw a contingent of riot police here in the church where I had being barred to conduct any business by the other side. As a human being, I feel threatened and therefore seek protection from state,” said the primate.

Archbishop Kabuthu lamented that it was rather unfortunate that he had been denied access to pray in the Cathedral adding that it were situations like this that at times made him regret his elevation as the archbishop.

“I at times regret being elected as the head of the AIPCA when I look back at all these wrangles. I would rather get eternal life than being the archbishop and eventually go to hell!” he said.

He appealed to the government to facilitate the church in its quest to hold proper, procedural and constitutional elections to elect his successor.

“Once such elections are held to the satisfaction of all, I am more than ready to go home because I am also tired of endless wrangles and mudslinging in the church. I will hand over the power and instrument of power to my successor even if it is Bishop Njoroge. Otherwise, I am ready to die or end up in jail than handing over the mantle of the church to an illegally elected leader,” said the Archbishop amid thunderous cheers and ululation from the congregation which included officials from the church's 47 counties. 

He appealed to the AIPCA faithful to review its constitution in order to remove loopholes that were being used to cause anarchy in the church. He said it was unfortunate that some people wanted him to leave office one year and a half before the expiry of his tenure not because he had done any crime but merely because he was aging.

The Archbishop said if allowed he would appoint an acting Archbishop to take over pending elections within 30 days. He said the acting Archbishop should be guided from the church's branches. 

“I am ready to go home with clean hands. I have never been involved in any corrupt deals or mess in the church my only problem is my age and being aged is a blessing,” said Kabuthu amid prolonged laughter from the congregation. 

On the political front, Kabuthu called upon all the church's estimated 4 million followers to fully support President Uhuru Kenyatta, his Deputy William Samoei Arap Ruto and the Jubilee Party in the forthcoming General Elections. He also reiterated that he was ready to retire early and hand over the mantle of the church leadership to a genuinely elected successor even within 30 days in order to salvage the church from being consigned to oblivion by its enemies out to quench their personal thirst. 

The primate made it clear that the church's constitution stipulated that the church should support the government of the day.

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He therefore called upon all his faithful to register as voters and fully support the Jubilee government. He added that the only gift the church could give President Kenyatta was by supporting his re-election by voting him en-masse. He warned the AIPCA faithful against letting the leadership of this country go into the hands of non-God fearing leaders as this will deem the country doomed.  He pointed out that President Kenyatta and DP Ruto were God fearing leaders and therefore deserved all the support from the church.

“As a church, we must reciprocate President Uhuru's timely intervention of salvaging the church from going to the dogs by bringing together the two warring parties in the church into a round table negotiations to end the differences that has continued to split the church into two since in memorial. If it were not for his intervention, AIPCA would have collapsed and he would be finding for me in vain,” said the archbishop.

He said the church supported the use of both BVR machines and manual process in the coming general election.

“When power fails we use generators here in the church. Similarly we should use both the BVR and Manual in the elections so that both can supplement and salvage the other in times of failure and crisis,” said Kabuthu.

Currently, the church is split into two with one group being led by Archbishop Kabuthu and the other led Archbishop Julius Njoroge.  

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