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It Is Not Yet Over For The AIPCA Wrangles As The Archbishop’s Fete Is Dismissed By Some Parishes.

The new AIPCA Archbishop Julius Njoroge leading a praise song at his Thanks Giving Ceremony in Gakarara, Kandara.
The divisions within the African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA) continued to degenerate on Sunday in Gakarara Parish as sharp differences emerged in response to the election of Bishop Julius Njoroge Gitau as their new Archbishop.

As 25 out of the 38 AIPCA bishops attended a Thanks Giving Ceremony for the new Archbishop, several parishes within his own backyard decided to ignore the fete and proceed with their normal church services.

Parishioners of Kandara, Rukira, Kambirwa, Gaitegi and Gacharage Churches went on with their service, saying they were not party to the new developments as, according to them, did not follow the right procedure.

Rev. Samuel Guchu in-charge of Gaitegi Church claims that he objected Archbishop Njoroge’s appointment because, according to him, he delegates who voted the new leader were never the genuine delegates.

“The main reason why I am not attending that fete is because his election did not follow the right procedure. I was personally in Nairobi during the elections but the delegates who endorsed him are currently not the ones in the church register. The list that was used to select these delegates is outdated,” said Rev. Guchu.

He insisted that he did not recognise the new archbishop but will only do so when and if the Rtd. Archbishop Amos Mathenge Kabuthu officially handed over the baton to the new bishop.

The same sentiments were expressed by Peter Ngugi Ng’ang’a from Kandara Church and Jane Nyambura Njoroge of Gaitegi Church who said that they would only follow the instructions of Archbishop Kabuthu.
A church service at Rukira AIPCA Church running concurrently with Archbishop Njoroge's ceremony on Sunday.

Worshippers at Gaitegi AIPCA Church sing praises at the same time their new archbishop was celebrating his elevation to head the church.

Speaking after the celebrations the new Archbishop called on unity, reconciliation and healing adding that he would ensure that he visited every diocese in the country preaching the gospel of forgiveness. He reassured all bishops and clergy who had been irregularly ordained by the retired bishop that his leadership would accommodate them all.

“I am calling upon my ‘enemies’ to force themselves to be my friends as I have already befriended you. Join me in rebuilding the church. I want to publicly dispel a rumour that is being circulated by that other side that my assumption to the Archbishop’s docket will spell the end of their leadership. I hereby tell all those bishops and clergy who were recently ordained by my predecessor that I will accommodate you and work out a formulae that will see that every one of you get all the tools of trade in your dioceses,” said Njoroge.

He dismissed a petition that has been lodged against his election by the other faction saying that he would only accept a petition by the office of the Registrar of Societies or any of his competitors.

He used the occasion to highlight his vision statement for the church during his tenure.

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Kandara MP Alice Muthoni Wahome expressed her support with the new leadership as she appealed to Archbishop Njoroge to work on reconciling the warring factions as this was the only way to end conflicts within the church.

“Charity begins at home. I appeal to all those in this diocese who were against the new archbishop to put aside their differences and support Archbishop Njoroge. I also plead to Archbishop Kabuthu to gracefully accept the new developments and join hands with his successor. As for you Archbishop Njoroge, I just ask you to go down your knees and pray for peace and unity in this church,” said the MP.

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