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“Don’t Victimise Us For Politicians Who Buy Degrees,” Government Appealed.

Gretsa University Chairman Prof. Francis Kibera speaking during the university’s 7th Graduation Ceremony in Thika town.

The government has been urged to stop the general victimisation of universities for the mistakes of a few of them who have been accused of issuing fake degree certificates to politicians and other leaders who are out to beat the hurdles set by the new laws in the country.

Imbambala MP Abdikadir Adan, instead asked the Ministry of Education to conduct proper investigations before victimising any institution as this made the universities appear to be colluding with politicians who buy degrees.

“It is so unfortunate that any university where a politician has graduated from is being victimised and investigated as if politicians cannot make it in school unless they cheat their way out,” he said.

The MP said this during the 7th Gretsa University graduation ceremony in Thika where 1,119 students graduated in various fields. Among the graduants was Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho who did not attend in person.

Adan, who has sponsored more than 200 students in the institution, argued that it was also wrong for anyone to seek shortcuts in their pursuit for academic credentials.

The university Vice Chancellor Dr. Kibathi Mbugua on his part lauded the government for initiating a program where government funded students were admitted into private universities, a move that had increased university intakes to very many students.

Mbugua said that Gretsa University admitted 220 government sponsored students in 2016 through this partnership, ensuring that the students made use of the readily available facilities which could have gone to waste.            

“This year a total of 10, 000 students joined private universities with over 74, 000 joining public universities. If this trend continues, we are sure to train many more young people thus enhancing our competitiveness within the region. We hope to admit more students next year as we continue to assure the government of the highest standards possible,” explained Mbugua.  

Mbugua noted that Gretsa University had put enough measures in place to ensure that their students excelled and would never collude with unscrupulous leaders who wanted to attain university degrees via the backdoor.  

“The issue of corruption and issuing fake degrees to politicians is not in our DNA and we will not fall prey to any government agency. We have made sure that they all completed their studies before they graduate and that is how we offer quality education,” Dr. Kibathi added.

Siting his own example, Mbugua said that he enrolled for a distant learning programme in 2014 where he sat for all the relevant exams and took part in other university activities pertaining to his endeavour.

“With the country having to deal with a 35% unemployment rate and about 800, 000 young people entering the job market annually, there is a great need for the youth to think outside the box. Our youth need to be smart and unique by coming up with practical solutions. Fiber connectivity has opened up various opportunities where you can sell anything as long as you have a website. The GSM association estimates that there are is an average of 10 million smart phones in Kenya and by the year 2020 there will be 540 million devices in the whole of Africa. The future belongs to those who see the new changes in society and make them business opportunities,” he explained.

Prof. Francis Kibera who chairs the university’s governing council expressed his concerns in drug and substance abuse in institutions of learning.

“If drinking interferes with your study then you are a heavy drinker, if studying interferes with your drinking then you are an alcoholic please avoid being either. As parents and society we have heavily invested in our children’s education and it would hurt any parent to see their children rot away in alcoholism,” concluded Prof. Kibera.

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