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29 Students Under The Murang’a County Initiative (MCI) Scholarship Attain University Grades.

MCI patron Dr. Peter Munga (in blue shirt) together with ACK Bishop of Mt. Kenya Central Allan Waithaka (Centre) joins the celebrations. Diana Wanjiru and Kelvin Mwaura (raised shoulder high) were amongst those who scored grade A-.
As schools and parents continue to celebrate best grades in this year’s KCSE, St. James ACK Cathedral in Murang’a saw 29 out of 32 Murang’a County Initiative (MCI) scholarship beneficiaries lauded for their determination to pass the examination that was very strictly monitored.

While addressing the scholars, MCI patron Dr. Peter Munga said that 95 percent of them had attained university grades. He challenged the students, who all come from poor backgrounds, to ensure that they broke the vicious cycle of poverty in their families through education.
This year’s beneficiaries registered five A-, 10 B+, five B, six B- and two C+ with only three students attaining a C.

Diana Wanjiru Gatuto from Kibutha Girls High School and Kimani Kelvin Mwaura were lifted shoulder high after attaining grade A- of 78 points and 74 points respectively. The two were so excited as the narrated their story of how they were offered scholarship by MCI having lost hope of pursuing secondary school education for they are from very poor families.

“When I was admitted to Njiiri School, I was worried of how my poor parents would get me to that school since my father had already left us with my mother due to his drunkenness. I could cry at night and ask God to intervene in my situation because I knew I was the only hope for my family. God answered my prayers through MCI scholarship and now I can see my dream of becoming an engineer coming true.” Said Kelvin Mburu.

Diana who aspires to be a doctor also took down memory lane on how she had watched her hopes die after she was admitted to Kibutha Girls secondary school considering the fact that her parents were unable to pay for her.

“When I become a neuro surgeon, I will ensure that I give back to my community in Murang’a County and ensure that children from poor like me also get access to good education. Indeed, MCI has set the pace.” Said Diana.

MCI chairman Prof. Kiarie Mwaura explained that even the three students who did not attain the university grades would be guided in selecting the best colleges where they would pursue their preferred courses.

Prof. Kiarie noted that the students would in future make good professionals after being guided by MCI, which was an organisation of professionals, business people and well-wishers from Murang’a County.

MCI came together under the patronage of Equity Bank’s chairman Dr. Peter Munga who is also a son of Murang’a County. The organization was started in 2010 and admitted its first students in 2011, who sat for their KCSE last year. All the 32 joined different universities and are still under MCI scholarships.

Dr. Peter Munga then pointed out that the students were supposed to apply for higher education loans board loan (HELB) but before the loan was processed, MCI helped in ensuring that all the 32 students joined universities.

He added that their organisation has now over 250 students and was not affiliated to any political outfit or politician.

“It is not the County government that sponsors your education. It is not the governor even though he ought to have his contribution but he did not show his goodwill or any support to MCI yet Murang’a County through MCI is the only County that gives scholarships to its bright but needy students who come from poor backgrounds. That is how MCI is breaking the vicious cycle of poverty in Murang’a that in four years to come, the County will have majority number of doctors, lawyers, engineers, and professionals of all kind, courtesy of MCI.” Dr. Munga said.

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