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Waititu Reassures The Dissenting Voices On Alice Appointment, Asks Kalonzo To Join Jubilee.

Juja MP Francis Munyua Waititu responding to questions from the press at St. Paul Catholic Church, Gachororo in Juja on Sunday.
Juja MP Francis Munyua Waititu has assured those aspirants not comfortable with the appointment of some sitting MPs to spearhead the Jubilee campaigns in the region that there was no cause for alarm as these nominations were just a temporary measure by the party to avoid running in a vacuum.

Speaking at St Paul Catholic Church, Gachororo in Juja Sub-County on Sunday, Waititu, who is popularly known as Wakapee, said that in case any of them failed to execute their duties diligently, the members would have no other option but to eject them from their positions.

“These MPs are just temporary nominees just to avoid a scenario where the party organs have some vacuum. The president assured us in Bomas (of Kenya) that by December, we the members, will conduct our own internal elections where those who will have failed in their mandate will be shown the door,” said Waititu.

There has been discord within the party ranks in Kiambu specifically where some of the current elected members and aspirants in various positions have been uncomfortable with the appointment of Thika Town MP Alice Wambui Ng’ang’a to head the Kiambu team.

Last week, several politicians absconded a meeting that was convened by the Thika legislator at La Mada Hotel in Nairobi siting the fact that she was an interested party in the game and she might be tempted to use her position to influence the outcome of specific seats in the party nominations scheduled in April.

One candidate who spoke to Thika Town Today in a position of anonymity to avoid being reprimanded by the party hierarchy said that there was no way interested parties could guarantee fairness to those they competed against.

“How do you appoint a hyena to arbitrate in a case against the goat where the hyena himself is involved? Obviously the goat will not get justice. Some of us are branded Kabogo (Kiambu governor) supporters. It is a matter in public domain that Alice and Kabogo do not see eye to eye and therefore she is bound to punish some of us by making sure we miss out on nominations. To be precise, we know of some people who have been planted vie for our seats so that we do not get back,” said the politician.

All the Thika Town Constituency candidates evaded the Friday meeting for what pundits say that they might have felt that going there was just like endorsing the incumbent for re-election.

“By them attending the meeting would have meant that there goose was already cooked. To the public perception, this would have been interpreted as throwing in the towel which is self-defeatist,” added the politician.

Meanwhile, the Juja MP has said that it was a matter of time before he convinced Wiper Leader Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka into joining the Jubilee bandwagon.

“Our first mission as Jubilee is to unite (the former) Central Province before we can spread our wings to other regions. Now that we have Peter Kenneth, Martha Karua, Koigi Wa Wamwere and Maina Njenga in our ranks, the next place I want to set foot is at our neighbour’s. I will personally convince Kalonzo Musyoka to come back home to Jubilee. Kalonzo started with us in Gatundu when we were contemplating forming a coalition between TNA and other parties but he was hoodwinked to join huyu jamaa wa vitendawili,” said Wakapee.

He went on to assure Kalonzo that there was enough ‘meat’ for all of them and he should not waste any more time ‘salivating’ outside the government.

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