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Over 600 Bishops, Church Leaders Endorse Gakuyo's Candidature For The Kiambu Race.

Dr. Rev. David Kariuki Ngari officially accepting the endorsement from the clergy allowing him to vie for the Kiambu Gubernatorial seat come 2017.

More than 600 church leaders and bishops on Tuesday unanimously endorsed Dr. Rev. David Kariuki Ngari (Gakuyo) to vie for the 2017 Kiambu County gubernatorial seat to pitch horns with the incumbent William Kabogo, Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu and Innovate Africa and Ideafrica Plc’s Senior Policy Advisor, James Nyoro among others.

The clergy, drawn from all the county’s 12 constituencies, praised the reverend and declared that his decision afforded Kiambu residents the urgently needed opportunity to make a long-overdue course correction in the county leadership, economic posture and policy.

“I am standing here to declare that this is the year of the church. We are here to put forth the reverend’s candidature before our Lord God. To stand for the church and to redeem the people of Kiambu. We believe that real change can only be made by someone who has not been deeply involved with, and substantially responsible for, the hollowing out of our county and the burgeoning poverty facing our county. For this reason, we support Rev. David Kariuki Ngari’s candidacy to be our next Governor of Kiambu County,” said Stephen Ngige Kariuki from the PCEA Church

The leaders were sharply critical of the current leadership treatment of the church and its handling of affairs and policy. Equating Gakuyo to the Biblical David, the men of the cloth declared victory over ‘Goliath’ regardless of all the powers and intimidation that would be meted on their candidate.

“The candle has been lit here in Kiambu and the whole country shall witness the glory of God through Kiambu County. We support Rev. Ngari and his commitment to rebuild our county, fight corruption within the corridors of our county and restore law and order domestically. We urge our fellow Kiambu residents to do the same,” Said Bishop Samuel Mwangi of the Akorino Church.

Accepting this endorsement, Rev. Ngari said that as the church, they were not interested in the politics of division and maligning each other but were driven by the urge to provide the kind of leadership that the people have been denied for quite a long time. He also encouraged all those in the clergy who had political ambitions to come forth and vie for the political seats as it was through this that ‘our people will be redeemed’ from the chains of poverty and intimidation.

“Our mission for Kiambu and theirs (opponents) are quite different. Some of them are just fighting to control the vast finances in the county but our mission is to empower ‘Wanjiku’ through development. I want the people of Kiambu to try the rich credentials of Kariuki Ngari in job and wealth creation,” said Gakuyo.

He was very apprehensive of the kind of reception he was receiving from the residents of Kiambu wherever he visited since his declaration to vie for the seat.

“I have realised that the people of Kiambu have been yearning for change. That kind of person who could offer alternative leadership,” he said.

Gakuyo dismissed rumours going round that his candidature had been engineered by certain influence in the country’s hierarchy saying that his was a call from the heavens with a mission to save His people.  

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