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“I Will Do A Trump On You!” Gakuyo Warns Kabogo, Waititu.

Dr. Rev. David Kariuki Ngari aka Gakuyo (centre) during a press briefing to officially announce his Kimbu gubernatorial candidature.
Businessman Dr. Rev. David Kariuki Ngari, popularly known as Gakuyo, has warned Kiambu Governor William Kabogo and his fiercest political rival Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu (Baba Yao) that they should ignore or underrate his (Gakuyo’s) candidature for Kiambu governor 2017 at their own peril.

Noting that real men were in the church, the reverend said that in the course of their ministry, the clergy encountered fierce battles even with the spirits and thus he was well prepared to face any form of challenges that came his way in the pursuit for a better Kiambu.  

Gakuyo sighted the just concluded American elections saying that majority of the pollsters and media houses painted such a grim picture of Donald Trump's prospects against Hillary Clinton. And just as in the Kiambu gubernatorial race, Gakuyo added, most of these people didn't believe in Trump’s true level of support and that is his popularity with a disgruntled and mean-spirited segment of the American population.

“You all saw what Donald Trump achieved this morning. As a real estate agent just like me, he believes in development and could not sit back and watch. He used his managerial skills to plan and beat all the odds. Kiambu is a business hub and everyone here needs a leadership that will guide entrepreneurship to the next level. For sure Kiambu has not experienced any form of development for the last four years. I can only rate it last among the others,” said Gakuyo.

Gakuyo said that his entry into politics was a hard decision made after so many people approached him asking him to restore Kiambu back to its lost glory. Rating the incumbent’s performance in office as one of the worst, the aspirant said that it was time that people reclaimed their county. He termed the current leadership as one riddled with corruption and wanton wastage of public resources.

“The current leadership lacks understanding of the problems its people are faced. So many things have gone wrong due to political isolation, political divisions, hooliganism, egoism and chest-thumping within our current political structure,” he said.

He said that his would be an all-inclusive, collaborative and transformative leadership unlike the current one that was driven by ego. He said that he would focus on each sector of the society, allocating enough resources to create the change the people had been yearning for. He promised the business community that he would work out ways to bring down the rates so as to make Kiambu a great place to invest in.

He pleaded with the people of Kiambu to put to an end the battle line that had already been drawn by two of the fiercest political rivals in the county saying that their fights was creating an environment of fear amongst the people. This, Gakuyo said, could only be made possible by voting him into office as he stood for the ‘alternative leadership’ that the people of Kiambu were yearning for.

He promised to soon launch his manifesto that will be focused on Kiambu’s greatest resource, the people and later massive campaigns that will ‘shake’ every corner of the county.

Gakuyo has a degree in Business and has mastered in Governance and Leadership, besides being a diploma holder in theology, qualities that he believes will be of great help to Kiambu County.

Rev. was speaking in a Kiambu Hotel when he officially announced his candidature for the 2017 Kiambu gubernatorial seat. He was franked by several church leaders and supporters.

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