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Businessman Plots A Business Revolution To Valiantly Drive Social Change.

Jungle Nut C.E.O. taking through participants on some of the tenets of proper group management and entrepreneurship during a workshop in Thika.
Businessman Patrick Wainaina (Wa Jungle) has embarked on a mission to break mythical perceptions among the youth and small scale entrepreneurs that have for ages been the stumbling block hindering them from taking over the reins of the Kenyan economy through innovation, unstoppable drive and thinking outside the box.

Leading participants in the Slogan “This is God’s Time” during a workshop on proper group management and entrepreneurship that was attended by over 70 group chairpersons in Thika, Wainaina said that the time for seizing the reins of economic empowerment was now and they had no option but to get out of their cocoons.

He argued that for more than half a decade, the majority of Thika residents lived in abject poverty yet they had the vote to get the kind of leadership they wanted. The politicians who had been representing them did very little to make life a little more tolerable for their poor constituents. All they did was scheme with unscrupulous people who enabled them to supply patronage to the poor and fight elections as they benefited from public resources and contracts at the expense of the poor and the underprivileged.

“Since independence, Thika, with all its potential, has had so many elected leaders yet our people are still struggling to enjoy one meal a day. It is now time everyone stopped letting other people box you into their system of rules that resulted mediocre results for you. This is God’s time. It is time you made your own rules, hacked the system and changed the world,” said Wainaina.

Wainaina said that rather than leaders standing or speaking for the people, a time had come for leaders to stand with the people as they (the people) spoke for themselves. He pointed out that the greatest mess that this region has had was being led by politicians for the last 53 years who instead of building environments and policies for a collective future, they spent their entire terms in office politicking and messing the people’s lives.

“Our people have the potential to build a new economic dynamic generating growth and jobs. But this can never be possible if at all those in positions of power do not give particular attention to entrepreneurship promotion or have an entrepreneurship action plan that focuses attention on creating a more enabling environment to support small businesses. The growing unemployment threatens socio-economic and political stability thus the need for alternative means of job creation,” he said.

The businessman, who is now eying the Thika Town Constituency seat, said that education and training were critical to develop the entrepreneurial mind set and specific skills for business start-up and development. He added that a coordinated policy response was necessary to ensure the energy and drive of young people were best harnessed to meet the needs of a 21st century economy.

Wainaina noted that there was a need for great business start-up support efforts as the growth of young businesses were compounded by the people’s limited life and work experience as well as the lack of starting capital. It was for this reason, he said, that he came up with the idea of J-Hela.

“The J-Hela system is giving particular attention to success of loan advancements, repayments and business sustainability. Our products are very flexible to suit the various needs of different entrepreneurs at any given stage of their businesses. In J-Hela, you borrow and receive your loan in the comfort of your workplace as all you need is your mobile phone to carry out all the transactions,” he explained.

He explained that the J-Hela was a great innovative financial solution offering savings and credit facilities for both individuals and groups, money transfers, an online soko and a PSV facility for commuters.

“Leadership is about influencing to empower the people and not being barriers to empowerment. What is stopping us from financial empowerment? Our friend and business guru Manu Chandaria has for years carried the dreams of our brothers of the Asian origin. Why can’t we emulate the same and empower our people?” he concluded.

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