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A Mutilated Body Of A KCSE Candidate Found Dumped In A Muddy Patch.

A candidate who was to sit for Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination next week was found murdered by unknown people in Ruiru.

The badly mutilated body of the form four student at Devki Ruiru township Secondary school was found dumped in the mud a few meters from their home in Gitothua near Ruiru prison. The body of the student who had gone missing since last Saturday had severe injury on the head and the face. He also had some burns on the hands and his face appeared like it had been raced with acid.

Lydia Wambui the deceased student’s mother told journalists her son had been missing since last Saturday shortly after he had an altercation with her fellow parent at the school who accused him of stealing her daughter’s mobile phone. She alleged the said parent called her on Saturday while she was at job telling her that she was in her house and had beat up her son for stealing her daughter’s mobile phone but he had managed to escape.

The mother of three said since that day, they never saw again alive adding all their efforts to look for him had borne no fruits.

“My second born son woke me up telling me he had seen Brian as he was coming from buying breakfast lying at the ditch while dead,” said Ms. Wambui.

She accused the police at Ruiru police station for laxity claiming they had turned her away when she went to report over her son’s disappearance.

“The CID officers sent us away and told us on our face they could not assist us. They told us to go look for our child since we knew where he was. We feel pained since we believe that had they acted on time my son’s life may have been saved,” she said.

The family also took issue with the police as to why the parent who had an altercation with the deceased’s student leading to his disappearance was yet to be arrested even after making a report to them.

“The police told us there was no case there since we had no witnesses who saw the woman beating the student. Our efforts to convince them that there were people in the house who saw her beat him up fell on deaf ears,” said Beatrice Nyawira the slain student’s aunt.

Angry residents who were joined by area MP Esther Gathogo retrained police officers from collecting the body for hours until the woman in question was arrested.

“We want answers as to why the lady in question has not been arrested. We need to see her behind bars as you continue with your investigations,” said Mrs. Gathogo.

The residents called on the inspector General of police Joseph Bonnet to ensure transfer of most police officers at Ruiru police station saying insecurity in the area had reached alarming levels.

“Hardly a few days pass without hearing of either a person has being murdered, inured by thugs or robbed,” said Peter Mwangi a resident.

The Officer Commanding Station Christopher Kimiti however exonerated himself and the police from blame saying he had handed over the matter to the CID. Officer Commanding Police Division Isaac Thuranira declined to speak to the media.

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