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Win Or Lose, JungleNut Vows To Continue Serving God Through His People.

Patrick Wainaina Donating a trophy to the ACK Education Department through Bishop Julius Wanyoike. Looking on is the Diocesan Education Secretary(extreme right).

JungleNut C.E.O. Patrick Wainaina has said that social service was a duty was a duty that God bestowed on him and he would continue paying up this debt regardless of the outcome of the next General Elections. He said that this made him feel richer and fuller as it gave him profound satisfaction.

He argued that his quest to assume the leadership of Thika Constituency was only driven by the fact that it would create a bigger platform him to serve more people.

“I have a mission from God, and that is the economic empowerment of our people. There is no greater happiness than the happiness that comes to us through the happiness of others. In the last 12 years, I have done a lot of work to elevate the lives of our people, especially in the education sector. I have tried to ensure that I contribute in improving the quality of education of our children that result in job creation. We have been in the forefront of creating good environment for education more so in the public primary schools,” said Wainaina at the ACK Education and Prayer Day Celebrations in Thika Memorial Academy.

It is for this reason that Wainaina, through his Jungle Foundation, started a programme that rewarded all the good performers in all the schools within Thika Sub-County. Wainaina reckons that through these efforts, majority of the beneficiaries managed to win scholarships to pursue secondary schools.

“Last year alone, about 20 students from this programme qualified for Equity’s ‘Wings To Fly’ Programme something that we take a lot of pride in.”
Other than this kind of contribution, Wainaina added that they had also invested heavily in the mentoring programme and empowerment of the youth where after training them on business norms, they helped them secure cheap loans under the J-Hela SACCO.

Wainaina said that there was need for everyone to come together to promote education in the country. He castigated the recent ethnic outbursts by a section of political leaders in relation to the appointment of a new vice chancellor of Moi University.

“I do take education very seriously. Education is not a monopoly of a few people or tribes. An educated person is a resource to this country. Thika Sub-County is a hub of universities, with 46 colleges and universities in total. This has attracted a lot of students from all over the country and we take this as a big resource to our county for that we are inviting all sundry to these wonderful institutions,” he said.

Concerning party politics, he said that he was very ecstatic about the idea of coming together of the Jubilee affiliate parties as this would bring the country together. He was of the opinion that Parliament legislate a law to the effect all parties will be obliged to hold their primaries be held on one day as this would instill party discipline. He also supported the president’s call that the nominations be administered by the IEBC as this would ensure that they were free and fair.

“In case I will lose fairly in these nominations, and of course I will win, I will definitely back the party nominee and drum support for His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta. I will remain steadfast in Jubilee Party,” said Wainaina.

He said that he had great confidence in the nominee for the Chief Justice, David Maraga for he believed that Maraga’s input would be of great help especially in the electioneering period.

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