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Politicking Taking A Toll On The Pace Of Development In Kiambu - Bimal Shah.

Managing Director Broadway Group of Companies Mr. Bimal Shah is concerned that there is too much politicking in Kiambu County at the expense of development.

In an exclusively interview with Thika Town Today, Bimal said that this harmed businesses within the county adding that the rifts amongst the county leaders especially between MPs and the county government as well as the culture of political bickering negated development in the area. He said that political differences had slowed down the economy of the area, risking the materialisation of the dream of many business persons.

“I think the MPs in Kiambu have totally failed us because they have just been moving around the country instead of concentrating in the areas from where they were elected. They have failed to give the people direction on what they are supposed to do and this is where we feel that we have been let down as the business community in Thika,” said Bimal.

Bimal said that instead of leg-pulling and creating controversies which were tantamount to harming the county, these leaders should have emulated His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy who had given priority to development projects aimed at facilitating the masses and enhancing business activity.

He pointed out that as Kenyans, we should ride on good image and goodwill from foreign countries especially in the last five years where so many great leaders have visited the country to move to the next level of development. He added that the recent visits by high level world leaders and hosting of trade exhibitions in the country were signs of confidence that these nations had in Kenya and their leadership.

“These visits are important to Kenya. They are very significant because, in themselves, they are a massive vote of confidence in the country and its leadership, having attracted hundreds of leading world entrepreneurs into Kenya. We really such leaders who are good and not selfish. Leaders who really want to serve this country,” he said.

He added that with the high unemployment rates and abject poverty within the county, all that the people needed were leaders whose only agenda was to reverse this trend.

He approved the proposed merger of the Jubilee affiliate parties saying that after the 20 years into multiparty politics, the country was now mature to embrace this kind of political development. He otherwise stated that Kenyans did not need leaders who only wanted to become leaders just for the sake of it.

“We do not want to have leaders who do not know how to direct the resources of this country to the benefit of everybody. Given the right people to work with, President and his deputy will definitely take this country to a different level of development instead of those still stuck in the politics of yesteryears where they just keep on fighting fighting without bringing development to the people,” stressed Bimal.

He therefore warned the citizens to be wary of who they put into leadership in the next General Elections as that would determine the direction this country will take in the coming years.

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