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Man, 38, Arrested For Sodomising Nineteen Boys And Infecting Them With HIV.

The victim and his mother during the interview outside their house
Police in Murang’a have arrested a 38 year old man for allegedly sodomising nineteen school boys between the ages of eight and fifteen and infecting them with the HIV virus. 

Enoch Mwangi is alleged to have been abusing the children for quite some time before one of the children’s teachers noticed a change in the boy’s behavioural pattern as well as his deteriorating health.

The suspect was arrested after one of his victims, the head teacher of an 14-year-old boy responded to concerns by the boy’s class teacher who noted and asked some of the school committee members to accompany him to a nearby health facility. Upon examination it was discovered that their rectums had been tampered with. He was referred to Maragua Level 4 Hospital where the doctors broke the bad news. This prompted the school authorities and members of the community to do thorough interrogation where 7 more boys were discovered to have gone through the same fate in the hands of the culprit.

Mwangi is accused of coercing the children to his house in Igikiro Village, Kamahuha Location of Makuyu Sub-County before sexually assaulting them.

“In a day that I cannot exactly remember, Mwangi met us as we were going to fetch some firewood and gave me sh. 50. Later in the day, he called me to his house and demanded his money back. I told him that I had lost it. He gave me another sh. 25 to go and buy some petroleum jelly. Upon return to his house, he forced my panties down, smeared the jelly onto my behind and sexually penetrated me. He later warned me that if I ever told anyone about what had happened, he would slice me into pieces with his panga,” narrated one of the victims.

The boy has been silent since then and his ordeal only to the open when he was taken to Maragua Hospital.

His mother, who was so bitter, could not come to terms with the fact that her son had been infected with the HIV Virus. She said that she feared for other children, not only hers, but also from the entire village if at all this man was not confined to prison as they may end up suffering the same fate in his hands.

The doctors have already done a HIV test to all the members of her family and ascertained that, apart from the rape victim, the rest tested negative of the virus.

“I can recall some three months ago, this boy came to my house and requested me to give him sh. 20 to buy some painkillers to ease some pain in his bum. He seemed to have difficulties in sitting. This man lured the boy with sh. 50 before doing this inhumanly act, eventually infecting him with the HIV virus,” said an angry neighbour Caroline Nyambura.

Nyambura accused the local police of colluding with the suspect to stifle justice as he worked as a farm assistant to the corporal in charge of this police post. She demanded that they be transferred to other places as they had not offered any help since this case was reported.

The suspect’s father is also accused of bragging to the residents that they could do nothing about the case as he was known to senior police officers and also had the contacts to the Attorney General Githu Muigai and Governor Mwangi Wa Iria who would definitely use their influence to have him released unconditionally.

“Mwangi has caused untold suffering to the people of Igikiro as whenever he is arrested for any offence, he is usually released by these officers. Previously, he was arrested at handed over to Sabasaba Police Station but was mysteriously released. Upon release, he sexually molested another boy in Kahai-ni Trading Centre. Right now, 8 boys accusing him of the same beastly act, have been taken for medical examination and we are now awaiting the result of seven of them as this particular case has been confirmed by the doctors,” said Nyambura.
An angry crowd gathering outside the home of the victim to express their disgust with the beastly act.

Susan Waringa added that Mwangi lost his wife and four kids after she could no longer bear his uncouth behaviour of trying to sodomise her.  

Duncan Mwaura pleaded with the authorities to ensure justice for the victim as the villagers would not compromise with the suspect any longer. He warned that he feared for the live of the suspect as some of the villagers had vowed to lynch him if at all he was released. He said that his actions were a disgrace to the men of the area and at no given time would they accept him back.

Police in Sabasaba confirmed his arrest and said that investigations were still in top gear to ascertain the facts about the case. The man had been transferred to Maragua Police Station where he will undergo some medical tests to establish his HIV status.

The police expect to align the suspect in court on Monday.

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