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Kandara MP Dismisses Moi, Roho Safi’s Stand On New Jubilee Party and Party Hopping.

Kandara MP Alice Muthoni Wahome has differed with her Gatanga counterpart Dr. Humphrey Njuguna (Roho Safi) and Baringo Senator Gideon Moi over their stand on the electoral law barring party hopping and the democracy within Jubilee Party respectively.

Responding to Roho Safi’s assertion that barring party hopping was unconstitutional and that anyone could go to court to dispute it, Alice said that this law did not contravene any part of the constitution as no Kenyan was being forced to join any party whose ideologies they did not agree to.

Speaking at Gathige ACK Church in Kagundui-ni Division, Kandara Constituency, the legislator said that the move was only meant to instill discipline among the political players in this country and ensure politicians stuck to their mother parties for what they stood for.

“Those making noise that the law is unconstitutional are simply misleading the public as every Kenyan is free to join their party of choice. What the law is trying to do is to instill discipline. If one is in Jubilee and feels that the nominations were not fair, the law gives them the option of going to court, the Dispute Resolution Tribunal headed by the IEBC where their appeals will be listened to and determined,” said Alice.

She added that the country was in the process of reconstitution a new IEBC where new set of commissioners will assume office in the spirit of improving its operations. She said that all these moves were all aimed at ensuring fairness at every step on the political process.

The legislator argued that at no time were party politics bad, but it were the actions of these same politicians that were messing the democratic space within the parties through underhand tactics to win the primaries.

“These are the same people who are now claiming that nominations will not be fair. This is a good law. It is only warning those aspiring to vie for political seats just make their decisions early enough on the vehicles they intend to use to ascend to power. Otherwise, you cannot be in Jubilee Party or any other party and at the same time you belong to different party. That is the indiscipline we want to curb,” she explained.

Concerning those politicians who were going round opening new Jubilee Party offices, the MP told them that when the TNA delegates met in Kasarani to dissolve their party into the new outfit, they resolved to transform their branch offices into the offices of Jubilee Party. Though she reckoned that there was nothing wrong in having very many branch offices, Alice reminded the aspirants that the decision as to who will be the party bearer will be decided by the electorate.

“In Kandara we had a TNA office. This is the office that has now been rebranded into the Jubilee Office. There is no need for anyone to open another branch for the same purpose. The party has its officials and does not belong to me. It belongs to all of us. The final decision of who will be the flag bearer will be decided by ‘Wanjiku’.”

As for Senator Gideon Moi’s sentiments that Jubilee Party lacked internal democracy, Muthoni equated them with the reckless statements by CORD leader Raila Odinga during the burial of the Late William Ole Ntimama. She said that the senator had no business in jubilee and he should concentrate in rebuilding the image of KANU, which according to her, had a very bad and unpleasant history.

“He has KANU to build and should our party to handle its affairs the best way we know how. Gideon, first remove that log out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of our Jubilee Party's eyes. We do not need his input on how best to build our house. We know Gideon is in the opposition and has been working closely with ODM to destabilise the Jubilee Government. Go mend your house and give us our space to build ours and let’s meet at the ballot box,” she said.

She reminded him the Jubilee’s agenda was solely to unite all Kenyans so as to fight the curse of tribalism.

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