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Kalonzo, Wetangula Soon Joining Jubilee, As CORD Ship Sink Further.

Barely two days after over 25 CORD MPs defected to Jubilee Party (JP) during the party’s convention at Kasarani Stadium, Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka together with Minority Senate Leader and Ford Kenya Principal Moses Wetangula are now rumoured to be holding informal discussions with the party supremo to draft a ‘safe landing’ after it became very apparent that CORD is now a ‘sinking ship’.

Speaking at ACK Kinorero Church in Kangema, Murang’a County, Kigumo MP Jamleck Kamau said that there were all indications that the two CORD principals were on the way to the ‘winning team’ and it was just a matter of time before they made the grand announcement.

“What I know is that very soon we will be receiving Kalonzo Musyoka and one Moses Wetangula on our side. These two have realised that Raila will not step aside for anyone of them and we have no doubt they are coming to us. Kenyans are about to see the whole country rallying behind the president,” said Jamleck.

The legislator, who has already declared his intent to vie for the Murang’a gubernatorial seat, said that majority of those in the opposition have realised that theirs was a sinking ship and were only weighing their options before they shifted to other political outfits. He dismissed as empty threats those going round claiming that those who had officially announced their defection to JP would have to seek fresh mandate through by-elections arguing that there were no possibilities for such scenario as time had ran out for any by-election at this time.

“I don’t really think that anybody worth his salt will really have to worry about those people. The talk of by-elections is immaterial at this moment as we are now heading to the next General Elections which makes it totally impossible to hold any by-election. Hivyo ni vitisho baridi. They have realised that things are getting ‘elephant’ and are now getting scared of a resounding defeat come August 2017,” said the Kigumo MP.

Kamau also sought for a public apology from CORD leader Raila Odinga for disrespecting the presidency during his rally in Mombasa on Saturday. He argued that it was quite unfortunate for the CORD leader to stand on the podium and hurl insults to the head of state.

“Unfortunately, when the president was busy trying to unite Kenyans in Kasarani, some other people were in Mombasa hurling all kinds of abuse to His Excellency the president and Jubilee in general. I think that it is time people realised that insults will never move the country forward. Those are outdated politics. We are past that now and we are demanding that the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga do apologised to Kenyans for insulting their president. For those who don’t understand how violence start, it is because of such kinds of reckless utterances,” he said.

He dismissed CORD’s argument that the Jubilee government had done nothing to the people of Kenya, saying that Kenyans only needed to flashback to where the country was in 2013 to appreciate the great strides the country had taken towards meaningful development. The MP said that majority of the projects that the Jubilee Government had pledged to fulfil in their first term in office were now complete and those that were not yet complete were into their final stages of development.

On local politics, Kamau lamented of the numerous challenges that Murang’a County residents were currently facing due to poor leadership. Claiming to be a student of the Late powerful Minister John Njoroge Michuki who was a very visionary leader, Kamau said that his government would strive to correct the errors that were being made through misplaced priorities. He said that he had great plans for Murang’a County as envisioned in his soon to be released manifesto.

“Jamuu ako na jibu ya Murang’a. It is the high time we changed the way things are done and made the government be felt at the lowest cadre of the people of Murang’a.”

 The MP also promised to pursue justice for the two journalists that were attacked by Kakuzi guards in their course of duty saying that he would do everything possible to see to it that the culprits were brought to book and made accountable for their deeds.

“The 4th Estate must be let to execute their mandate unhindered. I personally castigate that cowardly act by the Kakuzi guards. We are demanding for an immediate action by the relevant authorities. The perpetrators of this heinous act must be made to account for their crime through our judicial system. There are no investigations needed considering that the clip shows clearly those who attacked Mburu and Kariithi. These people should be in court now answering charges of assault and destruction of property,” said Kamau. 

James Mburu Gaita (NTV) and Julius Kariithi Munene (Inooro FM/Radio Citizen) were attacked and severely injured while covering a students’/parents’ demonstration against an alleged encroachment of Gititu Secondary School land by Kakuzi Company Ltd. Their cameras and recording equipment too were destroyed in the melee.

The two scribes found themselves on the wrong side of the guards after one of them noticed the se reporters taking a video shoot of the guards beating up the students who were pulling down the barbed-wire fence that the company authorities had erected within what was presumed to be school land.
As soon as word went round that the guards were on record attacking the students, they immediately pounced on the scribes, hitting them with jembe sticks indiscriminately and smashing their recorders probably to ‘kill the evidence’ for good.

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