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Bhang Worth Millions Nabbed As Suspected Drug Baron Eludes Police Trap.

Police in Thika seized a large consignment of bhang in a rental room at Kiganjo Estate, Thika West Sub-County following a tip off from members of the public. Also nabbed were clinical drugs believed to be for the treatment of Parkinson disease (PD) which is a long-term central nervous system disorder that affects the human brain.

Police are on the hunt for a middle-aged man, Daniel Kiiru Mwangi “Georges” who managed to escape from their dragnet during the early morning raid.

Speaking to the press on the crime scene, the Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) Tom Anjere thanked the members of the public for relaying the suspicious activities of the suspect that enabled the police to zero in on the consignment. He said that it was through such kind of public-police cooperation that the sub-county will manage to rid of bad characters.

We have seized about two sacks and about 3,000 rolls of bhang along with suspicious clinical drugs which we believe was meant to be distributed to various dealers for consumption by our youth. I thank the members of public who tipped the police and those officers who acted swiftly to nab these drugs for as we know, these are some of the things that are fueling crime among our youth,” said the DCC.

He warned all those who were involved that his office would not rest until they were made to answer for their crimes. He added that they will follow up this case through the landlord of the residential plot who he said must account for all the people who resided in their houses.

“As I have been stressing in all our security meetings, there is a great need for every landlord to maintain a data of all their tenants. We have already come up with a design of the landlord-tenancy form that will be used in the sub-county. We will definitely hold the owner of this building to account so that he may help us track this criminal,” said Anjere.

He added that the suspect was a known drug baron with a number of court cases of drug trafficking and a warrant of arrest had been released to follow up the matter.

The suspect is currently out on a sh. 50,000 Bond.

Thika Deputy DCIO Mr. Micah Chepkwony said that they recovered some documents from the house of the suspect that revealed that he was actually out on bond, pending the hearing of a similar case.

“We have recovered a copy of the bond he was granted by the court after he was charged for being in possession of narcotic drugs. He is scheduled to appear for hearing on the 19th of October 2016. Otherwise, I believe that the sh. 50,000 Bond is so lenient for such a case of this gravity as it doesn’t discourage these criminals from indulging further in their evil deals,” said Chepkwony.

Makongeni chief Daniel Waiguru thanked the members of the public who tipped his office of the suspicious activities of this criminal. He stressed the importance of the ‘Nyumba Kumi’ Initiative for, according to him, it was a key component of ensuring crime was eradicated within the residential areas.

He said that the criminal was well known as he was a major bhang distributor in Thika area.

In 2013, the suspect is in record of attacking the chief and his assistants when they attempted to arrest him on a similar case.

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