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1,200 Litres of Chang’aa Nabbed As War Against Illicit Brews Bear Fruit.

Gachororo division Assistant County Commissioner (ACC) Priscilla Mutethya Kilitu (in blue t-shirt) leading police and community policing members in destroying equipment used in the brewing of illicit brews.
The continued war against illicit brews in Juja sub-County has born fruits with the number of confiscated brews reducing by the day an administrator has said.

Gachororo division Assistant County Commissioner (ACC) Priscilla Mutethya Kilitu said that they have been conducting regular raids at the brewing dens destroying the brewing equipment and pouring the illicit brews which has discouraged the brews away from the business.

According to Kilitu the quantity of illicit brew that they have been confiscating has drastically reduced from an average of 13, 000 liters in the beginning of the year to less than 1, 200 liters currently.

“This week we conducted a raid along the banks of Athi River where we managed to destroy 1, 800 liters of kangara which is used in the making of chang’aa,” said Kilitu.

Speaking to Thika Town Today in her office, Kilitu said that they have been conducting the raids together with the chiefs and the members of the Nyumba Kumi and community policing who know the area very well and have been able to unearth brewing dens hidden in thick bushes.

“I would like to send a stern warning to the remaining brewers that their days are numbered and we will catch up with them,” said Kilitu adding that they have so far arrested more than five notorious brewers and suppliers.

The administrator advised the brewers to turn to other income generating activities like farming using water from the same river insisting that this will keep them in the right side of the law instead of the daily running battles with the police.

In a security baraza in Juja recently the Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) Muthama Wambua praised Kilitu for her dedication and fearless fight against illict brews.

Wambua said that in the last six month they have managed to pour more than half of all the alcohol that has been poured in the whole country attributing the success to the team work by the security team at the sub-county level.
“We have been facing resistance from the brewers who fight back but this has not cowed this young lady, I wish you could see her pouring the big tanks of kangara which is very encouraging,” said Wambua.
He called on the community to continue assisting them in the continued fight of the illicit brews.

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