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Thika Kicks Off The 3rd Phase Of Land Digitisation Programme.

Interruption of normal services in 20 Land Registries across the Country has in a government bid to digitise the lands database a process that saw the Thika Lands Registry kicked off the 3rd Phase of its digitisation programme early last week.

Thika Lands Officer (TLO), Bernard Leitich says that the process, that is scheduled to be complete by December this year, will enable wananchi to access information about their property via the net and even through their smartphones. All the lands documents will be scanned and captured in the lands database.

“We will have an interactive server that will be operated from the National Land office headquarters in Nairobi to link up land owners to their service provider. Our office here is already 75% digital. The already sorted green and white cards will be uploaded on the national lands database and into our mother website to make it easier for people to validate the authenticity of the documents in their possession,” said Leitich.

In so doing, land transactions in the will be made easy, thereby reducing cases of land frauds as well as corruption within the systems. He said that it was not easy to sort out documents dating back to the 70s, a process that took a lot of time. With that now sorted, the staff can be able to locate search documents within an hour.

He added that the first two phases of this programme cleared the backlog of cases that were brought about by the rot in the system. Officers who had served in Thika for more than 5 years were transferred to other stations with the remaining ones receiving training on how to go about the new systems.

Thika lands office has been very notorious in land fraud with many unsuspecting land buyers losing millions of their hard earned cash to conmen who took advantage of the confusion at the Lands office to make the kill.

“Fraudsters have been having a field day in matters of land transactions, a matter that has been a pain in the neck for us and land owners who at times ended up losing their land. So many people have lost money to unscrupulous brokers who have been camping our offices and liaising with corrupt officials in the registry to defraud unsuspecting Kenyans. This now will be history,” he said.

COSEKE (KENYA) LTD, the lead agent of the digitisation program, are currently holed up at the Ruaraka National Titling Centre (NTC), verifying records and the make shift binders (folders) before the final data is uploaded into the system.

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