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Businessman On The Run After Sodomising A Young Boy.

A family in Kabati Trading Centre, Murang’a County is seeking for justice after a local wealthy businessman committed horrifying sexual acts with their 14-year-old son he had lured into a nearby thicket.

According to the boy, the assault occurred on 3rd July this year which was a Saturday when the suspect Peter Wanjohi (Wa Josee) and who is well known to the boy, found him walking towards the market centre and lured him to his car. After some brief chat, he offered to buy the boy a bottle of soda and give him some driving lessons.

The two drove to Kenol Trading Centre where they had a soda each and some cake. Thereafter, they drove towards Thika Greens Estate via the old Thika-Kabati Road, which is usually isolated and quiet. Wanjohi then taught him how to drive, an exercise that exited the victim so much.

“After driving for a while, he asked me to sit on the passenger seat and he drove off towards some thicket. It from there he asked me if I was circumcised, a question that I responded to the affirmative. He then asked me to show him my private parts but I declined,” said the boy.

Wanjohi then held him by the hands, pulled down his trousers despite his resistance and anally raped him. After this heinous act, Wanjohi gave the boy sh. 200 and warned him against telling anyone what had transpired.

“That evening, I was so traumatized that I felt like killing myself. When I couldn’t hold it any longer, I narrated my ordeal to my parents who got so mad with the situation. The following morning we went and reported the case to Kabati Police Station and later I was taken to Maragua Level 4 Hospital,” the boy explained.

According to the mother, the doctors recorded the boy’s condition on the P3 form that was later handed back to the police for further action. The son continued with the medication in the days that followed, a reason that made him fail to report back to school after the mid-term break.

More than one month since the attack on the boy, the police have not yet apprehended the culprit who the victim family say is very well known to in the area but has since gone into hiding. She alleges that he had in occasions sent some emissaries to help convince the family for an out of court settlement to the matter.

“This man sent his wife and son to us for some monetary settlement. They asked me to name my price but my conscience cannot allow me to sell my son’s justice for money. I know he has tried to corrupt his way to freedom but even though we are poor, God will fight for us. We leave it to God and the government to fight our case,” said the mother.

Two days later, a man and a lady drove to her house and said that Wanjohi had admitted to the offence but was ready to pay for the damages if at all they were willing to let it go.

Wanjohi, who is said to be in his 50s, lives a few metres from the boy’s home. He trades in buying and selling motor vehicles in a yard at Kabati. The people we spoke to stated that his character in the public domain negated his actions. They said that he is a very soft spoken and polite man who no one would ever suspect him of doing such devilish acts. He is also said to be a devoted and well respected Christian.

Otherwise, they contend that he is usually seen in the company of young boys whom he always drives off with to unknown destinations.

“This man is well respected here. However, he has the habit of carrying young boys in the cars he sell and we suspect that he has been sexually molesting them without anyone ever suspecting him,” said one lady who sells vegetables in Kabati Market.

She suspects that some of these boys have suffered the same fate but have opted to hide the report after receiving a bribe from him or were not brave enough to expose the culprit.

The victim’s family is accusing the police of some cover up in this case for they seem to be protecting the culprit.

In response to these allegations, Kabati OCS on Sunday at ACK Riandegwa Church said that they were not aware of the whereabouts of the man whom he even claimed, he didn’t know by name. He added that they were doing their best to nab him but they were not yet successful.  

The residents are now threatening to take the law into their hands as they are not willing to risk any other victim, now that the police seem to have failed to arrest the suspect.

Wanjohi’s wife is a trader in the same market. Efforts to reach her for comment were fruitless as her phone was off.

Previously, he worked for the 2NK SACCO as a driver and is very well known in the Thika Main Bus Station.

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