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Sh. 3Billion Set Aside To ‘Quench The Thirst’ Of Gatunyu, Murang’a Residents.

Governor Wa Iria with Murang'a leaders during the commissioning of a water borehole in Gatunyu Market in Gatanga

Murang’a Governor Mwangi Wa Iria celebrated his birthday with the people of Gatunyu Market in Gatanga by commissioning the sinking of the community borehole that is scheduled to go about 330 metres deep.

Addressing the residents, Wa Iria informed them that the national government was initiating a sh. 3 Billion water programme in the entire Murang’a County with

“President Uhuru Kenyatta, in partnership with the World Bank, has initiated a sh. 3 Billion water project in Murang’a County that have been connected with the water going to Nairobi. Among these projects, Gatanga is benefiting from a sh. 700 Million project that will see the whole constituency is served with clean and safe water. As the county government, our work will be to provide as many pipes as possible to ensure that everyone gets connected to this water,” said the governor.

He said that his government would supplement this initiative by sinking 30 boreholes in areas that were in dire need of this essential commodity.

“As we all know, government projects at times take time to actualise due to financial and logistical constrains. We have therefore as a county scheduled to sink a total of 30 boreholes in centres that are in dire need of water, especially the lower parts of Murang’a like Ithanga, Kakuzi, Makuyu, Kimorori and Kambiti who will get at least 4 boreholes each,” he said.

He promised the residents of Gatunyu that his government would sell the water at a subsidised price of sh. 5 per a 20-litre jerry can. He also promised to revive all the stalled water projects that had been started by the previous regimes.

On matters road, Gatunyu has already benefitted from 24 Kilometres of murram road under Murang’a County Government’s programme of improving the road network.

Each ward in Murang’a was also scheduled to get 5 footbridges that would assist the people link up with their counterparts from neighbouring wards.

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