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Middle-Aged Man Arrested In Connection With OLX Rape And Robbery.

Two of the victims narrating their ordeal to the press

Police in Thika are holding a middle-aged man for a spate of violent cyber sexual crimes over the past few months.

Andrew Kiiti Musau from Athena Estate in Thika West Sub-County was arrested last Wednesday for multiple rape-related charges for allegedly sexually assaulting and violently robbing his victims of their money and valuables.

The 30 year-old father of one was arrested at a tyre repair workshop near Ananas Mall in Makongeni Estate. He has been linked to a series of rape and robbery cases for the past few months.

“The suspect is due to make a court appearance. The possibility that he could be linked with similar cases is now part of our investigation. We have been tracking him for over two months now after numerous reports were reported in our desk about his cybercrimes. Unfortunately, he has been very sly and has been escaping our dragnet on several occasions. Right now we have four official complaints and two of the girls have positively identified the suspect,” said one of the police officers handling this case.

The suspects, who come from different locations in the country, narrated how they came across an advert on OLX of a rich family in Thika that was looking for a house girl.

“It was last Monday when I came across this AD on OLX of a family that was looking for a house girl to take care of their 1-year old son. The salary was good for he had offered to pay between sh. 8,000 and 10,000 per month. When I dialed the contacts showed in the AD, this man asked me to report the following day as he had not yet found a maid. He requested me to send him my full details so that he could prepare her employment contract,” said one of the victims who hails from Eldoret.

She managed to come to Thika two days later as she had no ready cash to enable her travel the next day. On arrival at Thika, the man informed her that he was unable to meet her that morning as he was tied up in an unspecified duties but promised to call her immediately this was over. He requested her to hang around for the time being.

She spent the entire day at Mama Ngina Gardens waiting for her potential employer.

“At 4:30pm, I called him again but he warned me not to call him as he was still busy. He just told me to be patient as he was the one to call me when he was through with what he was doing,” she said.

She waited for him until 7 in the evening when she biped him again. He then called her and informed her that he had taken his vehicle to the garage and hoped to through in the next few minutes.

At around 8pm, he called her again, informing her that he was still tied up in the garage but would send a bodaboda man to collect her from the Thika Post Office. He tricked by swapping phone contacts to make her believe that she was talking to a different person.

At around 8:30pm, he called me using the first number instructing to board a particular bodaboda that was parked near the post office. When I went to the spot where the bike was parked, I met two guys who introduced themselves as the bodaboda operators who had been sent to collect her.

When she boarded the bike, the two rode very fast and took her into a deserted field and pretended that the bike had ran out of fuel. After a while, they tricked her into giving them her phone and within a short while, they threatened her with a knife and warned her that if at all she raised any alarm, they would ‘finish’ her and nothing could happen to them.

Having been cornered, she submitted into their demands, resulting to the two raping her in turns and later abandoning her into the darkness, but not before they sped off with her valuables.

She walked towards the lights where she met another man who took her to Witeithie AP Post, where she recorded her statement.

Another victim from Naivasha narrated to us a similar story. As for her case, she attempted to flee but was unlucky to have been caught. They beat her up and threatened to kill her if she attempted any other ‘silly’ move.

We were made to understand that there were numerous cases of the same kind in Thika that had been reported in the Thika Level 5 Hospital for the last few weeks. Two other girls, one from Mombasa and another from Machakos, were expected to report to Thika Police Station to file their complaints on the same.

The culprit was nabbed in possession of one of the victim’s phone as well as other valuables belonging to the victims.

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