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Micheal 'Nyoka' Ochieng’ is Thika’s most famed Cobbler.

Micheal Nyoka Ochieng’ Thika’s most famed Cobbler at his working place.
Micheal Nyoka Ochieng’ is Thika’s most famed Cobbler. This father of 8 children has a been mending Thika residents shoes for close to three decades

He operates his business outside Jamuhuri Market in open air and shares his love for Thika Town with us.

1. Did you grow up in Thika?

No, I was born and brought up in Ukwala somewhere in Ugenya. I come to Thika in 1979 and settled down for a job as a cobbler to find means for fending for my family. In fact, I came here when U-shop area was a bush.

2. What do you like about Thika Town?

During the early days, we used to suffer a lot especially with the rise of insecurity. We used to mugged by thugs but nowadays a lot has improved but I have grown to be fond of this town. It is a peaceful town with a lot of lovely people from Kiandutu slums to Kisii Estate, from U-shop to Ananas shopping mall. This town has a good working environment, by that I mean  the business environment, is quite conducive. 

3. What would like to change about Thika?

What I don’t like is the type of leadership we have in this town. Look for instance, the feeder roads within residential areas such as Kiandutu. They are in very pathetic state. I wish someone improved them to a level that is befitting the status of a town. I feel as though our leaders have neglected us and offer leadership as though they are doing us a favor. If at all I was given a chance to do something, that would definitely be my priority.

4. As a cobbler how is it working in Thika?

Great! I take care of my family from my job. Without clients from within Thika I couldn't achieve much. Thika United for instance have been some of my loyal clients, bringing there damaged footballs to me for repair.  I have been able to support my family through my trade, though it hasn’t been easy.

5. What three things would you say to sell Thika as a place is worth visiting?

Come and experience the business hub of Kiambu County from agri-business. Look at the thriving poultry and dairy sectors. They are worthy venturing. Also we have some scenic places.. For instance, there is a dam somewhere in Weteithie where not so many folks know about. I hear there is plenty of fish that rivals that one of Lake Victoria. There is also the cascading waterfalls at Blue Post these are places worth checking out.

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