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Meet Lee King; The Young Entrepreneur & Politician from Starehe Estate.

Lee King outside his business premises near U-shops Thika.
Lee Muturi aka King Lee was born and breed in Thika Starehe Estate, he is an entrepreneur and runs a thrift shop that sells clothes at U-shops area in Thika.  He speaks to Thika Town Today crew about his life growing up in Thika and his political ambitions. 
His message to young people is “impossible is a word used by poor people because there is nothing like impossible and they should whatever resources they have in their possession.” Young people should also adopt a reading culture take time and gather information that is inspirational and also be positive since positive minds generate success. And put God first in their endeavors.
TTT: Did You Grow Up In Thika?

Yes I was born and bred in Thika Town at Starehe Estate aka Downtown.

TTT: What do you like about Thika Town?

Thika offers opportunity for investment gone were the days when this was regarded as an Industrial town nowadays it offers much more in terms of business opportunity be it in the clothing “mtush” industry, entertainment, transport  you name it.

TTT: What would like to change about Thika?

I yearn to bring change in Thika, I would like to improve the business environment in Thika by incorporating efforts from both the private and government sectors. I would like to see to it that literacy levels are improved within Thika, the only way to improve young mind lives is to approach Higher learning institutions such as Mount Kenya University to offer scholarships to the young and deserving youth, this way I know I can see the change I would like to see in Thika. All this is in a bid to empower the youth.

TTT: As a business man how is it working in Thika?

I can say the support that residents of this town have offered to me is undying.

TTT: What three things would you say to sell Thika as a place is worth visiting?

Come invest in Thika, buy that plot that you have been longing for, I usually don’t hang out in most entertainment spots in Thika but once in a while take time to check out several joints such as Blend, also take a tour visit 14falls or hike Kilimambogo though they are not within Kiambu County *laughs*


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