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Family Appeals For Help As Son Behaves Like A Serpent After Killing A Snake.

A family in Murang’a is appealing for help from any spiritual man of God or prophet who would help them cast out ‘demons from their 30-year old son whom they claim to have been possessed by evil spirits.

James Kahara Ndung’u from Mumbu Village, Kaharati Sub-Location is said to have developed some uncommon behaviour three months ago while working as a carpenter in Mombasa. He is alleged after visiting several hospitals in Mombasa, his situation never improved, a matter that forced those his colleagues to bring him back to his rural home for specialised doctor’s examination.

After a while, he regained normalcy and was about to get back to his normal life had it not been for an incident that happened about three months ago.

“It was on a Saturday. Kahara was basking in the sun near our gate. As he was seated there, his sister saw a snake going towards their chicks and alerted him. She gave him a stick which he used to kill the serpent,” said Esther Kanini, his wife.

It is alleged that the following Monday, Kahara started behaving strangely, groaning like someone who has been strangled as well as crawling like a snake. He is said to have crawled all the way to the spot where he killed the snake.

All this time, he behaved like a snake, flicking his tongue just as a snake does. One person noted that Kahara behaved strangely whenever he neared the doors of certain members of their family.

It is said that when things got out of hand, he was rushed to the hospital where he was admitted. He has been to several hospitals but none of them has been able to diagnose his problem.

“He has been admitted at Maragwa Level 4 Hospital and later in Murang’a, who after trying all ways, failed to detect his problem. They recommended for a head scan whose results revealed no medical problem. We have called so many spiritual leaders who have tried to help him but in vain. Every time they pray for him his problems cease for some time but they always reoccur,” said his wife.

She reckons that she has been living in fear for he has once threatened to kill her. Her two kids have ran away to live with their grandmother after witnessing their father struggle with other men trying to take away weapons from him.

According to Kahara, he does not realise what actually happens to him whenever those ‘spirits’ possess him.

“I can see a snake, a cat and three ladies, one dressed in a red skirt. The other two are dressed in black skirts. They are coming towards me but I can barely see them well because it is a bit dark. I don’t know any of them but they are telling me that even if I pray, they are not going to leave me alone,” said Kahara as he was in that state of confusion.

He says that these strange illusions started appearing to him early January this year immediately he left Mombasa. He says that he doesn’t suspect anyone for his predicaments but he relates his current behaviour to his action to kill the snake.

Damaris Mwikali, a wife to Kahara’s brother said that the problem was just too complex as it did not start with Kahara’s predicaments. She narrated how it had affected another of their brother and a sister earlier but later their problems ceased.

She suspects that it might be a family problem that has emanated from the numerous disputes amongst them.

“It started with their step-brother and later their sister. Later, when my stepmother killed a snake she had spotted in her compound, her cow and its calf died mysteriously the following day. This week, my mother’s goat died again in unexplained circumstances. By the way, all the prophets who have come here have told us that the problem here is from within,” said Mwikali.

It is alleged that one or some of the members of this extended family are responsible for the demons bedeviling them.

“They told us that there has been demonic sacrifices here though we cannot tell who is responsible,” she added.

They all denied ever seeking the services of witchcraft to rectify the situation and that was why they were calling on the men and women of God to come and salvage the situation.

“This case has disturbed us for quite some time now. We have tried the hospitals and divine intervention but all of this has not resulted to his healing. We are humbly appealing to anyone who can help us to please come to our aid. May God have mercy for this young family as they all depend on him for their daily bread,” said Esther Wanjiku Muiruri, Kahara’s aunt as she wept in anguish.

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