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Kibaki Chides Leaders Fond Of Giving Fake Promises To Wananchi, Says The Are Just Lying To God.

Retired President Mwai Kibaki has challenged leaders to work together and keep the promises they make to their people. He said that every Kenyan had a role to play in ensuring that the much-needed development in the country is realised and all leaders should undertake projects that uplift the living standards of the citizen.

Speaking at Gathuri area in Murang’a County where he commissioned a community borehole as his first engagement after being appointed as the UNESCO’s Special Envoy for Water in Africa, the former Head of State said water should be viewed as a means of production.

Kibaki said that there was a lot of work ahead to be done and every individual had a role to play in the development of their areas. He thank everyone who participated in the actualisation of that project. He particularly thanked Dr. Malcolm Morris, the Millennium Water Alliance chairman for making the project a reality.

“May I thank Malcolm Morris most sincerely for making this project come true. I also thank the donors who heeded the call of Malcolm Morris and came to the help of this community,” he said.

He called for proper utilisation of water in facilitating productive economic activities that empower people, adding that such water projects should be used to bring more money and wealth to the citizen to enjoy greater freedoms and comforts.

“Water is a means towards facilitating productive economic activities to bring more money and wealth to the community. That is how you should view water that some good Samaritans have enabled you to enjoy forthwith,” said Kibaki.

However, Kibaki took to task leaders who publicly promised wananchi big things only to go back on their words and fail to accomplish their promises. He reminded them that, as a leader who was committed to assisting in the empowerment of the common people, he would keep tabs to ensure that every promise these leaders made to the people of Gathuri were honoured.

“Personally, the work I do to date, is that of volunteering to help those in need. If this is what you believe in, how then will it be possible when we I ask you tomorrow if you have accomplished what you promised the people of Gathuri. If you haven’t, I will ask myself, who were you pleasing? What you are doing is to lie to God,” said Kibaki.

Speaking during the occasion Murang’a Governor Mwangi Wa Iria said his government is committed to ensuring that the residents get safe drinking water and would, in this Fiscal Year, commit sh. 4billion towards ensuring that they reduces the county water deficit levels of 30% to about 46%. He added that the county would also sink 30 boreholes, 3-4 boreholes per area, in the lower regions of Murang’a County that are relatively dry.

Kigumo MP Jamleck Irungu Kamau lamented the fact that a very large part of the county lacked clean and safe water to drink.

“Murang’a County is the main source of all the water that serves Nairobi. It is a big shame that part of our county has no water. The only side that we have water is the upper side of Murang’a County. This is part of the areas and another big chunk of areas that we have where there is no water. And we humbly request you as the UNESCO Special Envoy for Water in Africa to please assist us to get water in the entire Murang’a County,” said Jamleck.

Jamleck also promised that, as a member of the Departmental Committee on Energy, Communications and Information in the National Assembly, he would ensure that every constituency in Murang’a got at least 5 transformers so that every home could be connected to the national grid.

The borehole is a donation spearheaded by Millennium Water Alliance, and showed a good gesture from development partners who have fulfilled their promise. He said similar initiatives should be extended to other parts of the country. It is intended to serve about 5,000 residents of Gathuri Village.

Also present in the fete were area MP Peter Kamande Mwangi and Murang’a Women Rep. Sabina Wanjiru Wa Chege among others.

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