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Focus On Kiambu Road Infrastructural Developments.

The rehabilitation of the 1.2km Tharuni feeder road in Limuru Central ward Limuru Sub-County.

Documents released by the County Government of Kiambu governmentthat Kiambu has already done 2,033.8 km of roads under bitumen standards, 1,480.2 km under gravel surface and 430.1 km under earth surface. It also has 131 km of railway line and four railway stations in Ruiru, Thika, Kikuyu and Limuru towns. The rail is not fully utilised in the county with only the passenger trains operating in the mornings and evenings between the Nairobi and the four stations. However, there is a great potential in the sector and hence efforts need to be put in place to ensure the infrastructure is improved which will encourage introduction of modern efficient trains.

The Department of roads, transport and public utilities in Kiambu County has embarked on several initiatives and key among them being the periodic maintenance of rural access roads, which involves heavy grading, graveling, watering and compaction as well as construction of storm drains.

They have already kicked off a program to construct gravel roads that will last for a minimum of five years with minimal routine maintenance requirements.

During an impromptu roads inspection at Gachie in Kihara Ward, Governor William Kabogo said that his government will continue to open up rural access roads and improve on the already graded ones. He instructed the Department to ensure that storms drains were cleared to mitigate against flooding during wet climatic conditions.

“The rehabilitation of several other roads throughout the County is currently ongoing and will be completed before the end of the current financial year. Road infrastructure has made Kiambu County very accessible and will always be a priority in my government. We intend to make Kiambu County the best place to live, work, invest and grow,” said Kabogo.

Hundreds of Kilometers of rural access roads have been rehabilitated over the last three years. Apart from upgrading the existing road network, the county government will build new roads to open up those areas that have in the past been left behind in roads development.

Grading, graveling and bitumen construction is ongoing in all the 60 wards to help open up the remote areas and improve the road network.

The County Government of Kiambu categorised its roads into three groups, namely: rural access roads; urban roads; and, major link roads.

Rural access roads are classified as those small feeder roads that crisscross the rural interior of the county.
Since 2013, the County Government of Kiambu has constructed over 1,200 Km of rural roads using gravel and quarry chips. The work involved heavy grading, shaping of the roads and storm drainage, graveling/quarry chips, watering and compaction of the materials.

It targets to do a minimum 3,500 Km of rural access roads by 2018.

We take a look at several road infrastructural developments that have already been undertaken in the various sub-counties within the county:

Githunguri Sub-County has seen over 95km of road rehabilitated in Ngewa, Githiga, Komothai, Ikinu and Githunguri Wards. The county has done the Githunguri-Ndumberi Road, a class D road that starts from Ndumberi Trading Centre off Kiambu-Limuru Road and ends at Ruiru-Githunguri Road (C65) junction.
The scope of the project included total reconstruction of failed sections in Ting’ang’a, Ikinu and Gathanji; repair of all potholes; repair of shoulders; cleaning and repair of storm water drainage; and, re-carpeting the entire 17 km stretch using 35mm Asphalt Concrete (bituminous material). Road furniture such as markings, road signs, and guard rails have also been installed.

Kiambaa Sub-County has benefited with over 60 Kilometers done in Cianda, Mucatha, Karuri, Kihara and Ndenderu Wards with Juja Sub-County enjoying over 100km of road in Juja, Murera, Theta, Witeithie and Kalimoni Wards.

Roads in Juja Sub-county have been in a very poor state and have been dilapidating with time especially during rainy seasons. The department of Roads has therefore embarked on a major exercise of upgrading Juja Sub-County roads with effect from this July.

The county government has also done over 78km of road Gatundu North Sub-County in Mang'u, Chania, Githobokoni and Gituamba wards.  In the neighbouring Gatundu South Constituency, Kiambu County claims to have done 70km of road in Riabai, Ting'ang'a, Ndumberi, Township, Kiamwangi, Kiganjo, Ngenda and Ndarugu Wards.

Thika Sub-County has seen over 85km of road being rehabilitated in Kamenu, Hospital, Ngoliba, Gatuanyaga and and Township wards so as in Lari Sub-County where 107km of roads have been done in Kijabe, Kamburu, Nyanduma, Kinale and Lari Nyanduma Wards.

In Kikuyu Constituency, 110km of roads in Kikuyu, Nachu, Karai, Kinoo and Sigona wards have been rehabilitated over the last 3 years while their neighbours Kabete too have enjoyed 110km of roads that we have done in Muguga, Gitaru, Uthiru, Nyathuna and Kabete wards.

Gitothua, Biashara, Gitothua, Gatong'ora, Kahawa Wendani, Kahawa Sukari, Kiuu, Mwihoko and Mwiki wards in Ruiru Sub-county have seen a massive 150km of rehabilitated roads as Limuru Sub-County got 120 Km done in Limuru East, Limuru Central, Tigoni/Ngecha, Bibirioni and Ndeiya wards.
Kiambu Sub-County had the least road works with only 50km done in in Riabai, Ting'ang'a, Ndumberi and Township wards.

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