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Young Men Earning A Living From Making Designer Shoes

The lack of job opportunities in the country has led to many youths to think out of the box in earning a living with some engaging in the business of making designer shoes.

Martin Mwangi, a young entrepreneur from Thika Town, earns a living from making and designing unique and fashionable shoes both casual and official wear.

Speaking to Thika Town Today from his workshop at the Mukiriti market, Mwangi said that he makes custom-made shoes where he mixes leather and the kitenge material which he sells between Shs.1, 500 to Shs.1, 600.

Mwangi has four employees who he has been able to offer training to before joining his business.

Mwangi who has been in this business for 21 years father of two now says that most of this work he has learnt through apprenticeship but still went to a polytechnic to polish up his skills.

“I now have my own shoe line known as Safco Enterprises which operates in Mukiriti market in Thika though I still have plans of opening up more branches in Eldoret and Nakuru,” said Mwangi.

Mr Mwangi who lives in Majengo, says that he is able to pay his children’s school fee and also provide for his family out of the profit that he makes from his business.

James Njenga, one of his employees said that he caters for his family’s needs from this business.

“Mr Mwangi trained me in the year 2009 and in the same year, offered me a job”, said Njenga.

Both Mwangi and Njenga said that although the business is profitable they still face some challenges like lack of enough market which is a major problem to them. They sell these shoes to both retailers and wholesalers depending with the orders that they get.

Their advice to everyone out there waiting to get employed is that they should make use of the skills that they have however little they may be because great things come out from the small things that we do.

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