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Lawyer Magu and Pastor Ann Had Affair Before The bizarre killing Of His Family– Magu’s Mum

Pastor Ann Wanyoro at the Kiambu law courts during the hearing of a case.
Keziah Wambui, the mother of lawyer Paul Magu who killed his wife and three children and then committed suicide, told a Kiambu court on Thursday that she suspected him of having an affair with Pastor Ann Wanyoro.

Testifying in a case in which Pastor Wanyoro is charged with aiding the deaths of the family of five, Magu’s mother said that she had bumped into them on several occasions in a ‘more than just friends’ kind of situation.

“Every time I would meet my son with the accused. I started doubting them and thought probably my son had taken her as his wife. I met them on different occasions at the Blue Post Hotel and in Gatundu and after observing how he had changed, I concluded that the two were more than friends,” Wambui said.

She said that Magu introduced her to Wanyoro, who visited her frequently.

“We used to talk about church matters and pray. Magu used to attend FEM [Faith Evangelistic Ministry] Church but moved to Showers Church, where he became a pastor.”

She added that the church used to meet at the Blue Post Hotel in Thika town. She told Principal Magistrate Justus Kituku that her son had stopped visiting her in 2012 and had become distant.

“He even stopped making calls to check on how we were doing. I believed he had a special attachment to Wanyoro, so I kept off,” she said.

Wambui, who is a pastor at the Bethel Church in Thika, linked the deaths to a cult. She said she met and became friends with Wanyoro in 2008 after they were introduced by Magu and Lydia. But she ended the friendship in 2013 when worshipers at her church began to vomit and “fall down” after a sermon conducted by Wanyoro. Magu also relocated from Faith Evangelistic Ministries where he worshiped to Wanyoro’s Showers of Praise Ministry.

Wambui said she learned about her son’s disappearance when she had gone to visit her daughter in Mombasa. She immediately took a flight back to Nairobi. Upon reaching her son’s home in Ruiru, she was told that the bodies of Magu, his wife Lydia and three children had been found in different locations.

Earlier, Magu’s sister-in-law, Esther Wanjiru Njenga, testified that he and Wanyoro used to travel to Nigeria to attend Prophet TB Joshua’s church. He would come back with anointed water, which he used during prayers.

Wanjiru broke down while giving her testimony saying that she had worked for the Magus for five years as a babysitter and lived with family.

“We used to watch the DVDs he came with from Nigeria and he was in them with Pastor Ann,” she said.
She told the court that a few days before her sister’s death, she had had a strange dream. She said her sister told her in the dream:

“Esther, I wish I was like you. You do not have a lot of money or property like me and God provides you with everything, including happiness, unlike myself who is unhappy”.

Wanjiru said she fell out with the Magus after she was excommunicated from the Showers Church for not listening to the prophets of God. She was also accused of causing disunity in the church. She said Wanyoro and Lydia were very close friends and together with Magu, travelled to Nigeria to buy annointment water for Showers Church.

Wanjiru is the sister of Magu’s wife Lydia Wangui.

Wanyoro, who is out on a Sh2 million bond, is facing two charges of aiding Magu to kill himself between November 23 and 25, 2015 at Makongeni in Thika, Kiambu County. She is also accused of having a hand in the death of Magu’s wife Lydia and their children Allen, 9, Ryan, 8 and Tiffany, 6.

She has denied these charges.

The prosecution has more than 20 witnesses. The hearing will resume on September 19.

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