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DCC, Police Move Fast To Prevent Angry Residents From Taking Vengeance On Criminal Gang.

Some quick response by a high level security delegation led by Thika West Sub-County DCC Tom Anjere averted some possible bloodshed by irate Kiganjo Estate residents who were threatening to take the law into their own hands against a gang that was terrorising them even in broad daylight.

Acting on a tip off from members of the public who were complaining about the high level of insecurity in the area, Anjere convened an emergency meeting with the district’s security organs before swinging into action later in the morning.

Monday evening, angry bodaboda riders went round especially areas near Corner 1 and 2 torching all ‘Mogoka’ bases. They alleged that these vibandas served as dens for these boys who chewed mogoka all day long, strategising on how they would attack their victims.

They claimed that these boys, who were in the age bracket of between 15-22 years, had turned out to be so daring to a point of even attacking people in broad daylight. They moved around with knives and would stab their victims for even the slightest form of resistance. The residents also accused police of failing to stop open drug dealing and dare-devil mugging on the streets.

“They attack me almost on a daily basis, the last case being last Sunday where they robbed me at 2 in the afternoon. They know me so well even by name. All these people (residents) know them but they cannot dare expose them for fear of retaliation,” said one victim who happens to be a MCA candidate in the previous General Elections.

He added that the parents to these kids contributed a lot to the menace since they were too protective to their kids each time they were apprehended.

“When they are arrested their parents go crying to the police station claiming that they were school children who were very innocent,” he said.

Enoch, the Kiganjo Bodaboda riders chairperson, said that as a community members were fed-up with the ongoing muggings in the area. He warned that a situation where the riders and gangsters ran for each other's throats would develop, should crime in the area not be brought under control. He revealed that they had tried to liaise with the local police with an appeal to arrest the situation but the police seemed unwilling to tackle the problem.

He claimed that for quite some time now, they had watched their lives had been blighted by the gang’s violence and wreaking havoc. The bodaboda riders have warned that they will patrol the streets and carry out attacks on the youths that they blame for a spate of robberies and petty crime.

“Let me be very frank with you here. We have a problem and if you do not help us out, we are going to handle it ‘the Kiganjo way’. This time round, this is going to stop. We are taking our own action. We know who they are, where they live and who their parents are. We are going to enforce a village standard. Some of these youths are very close to 18 years of age, falling under the bracket of 'adult' and it will soon be time. We have been reporting these cases but the police have not been acting accordingly,” said an angry Enoch.

On behalf of the residents, he appealed for another satellite police station to be installed immediately and more police officers to be deployed in order to beef up security.

The chairperson Kamenu Ward Bodaboda Association, James Mburu Mwaura, lamented an increase in drug and substance abuse since the same was sold openly. He called on the authorities to fight this vice as it was greatly contributing to crime increase in the area.

Responding to their grievances, Mr. Anjere said that their visit was aimed at finding a lasting solution to the situation. He called upon them to cooperate with the authorities so to enable them to come up with the way forward.

He banned any sale of ‘mogoka’ at night saying that the vendors could only operate between 6am and 6pm. He called on all vibanda owners to make arrangements to have them in lockable state so as to discourage anyone from using them as hideouts to waylay innocent wananchi as they went along with their daily chores.

He scheduled a public security baraza today (Wednesday) at 2pm where issues affecting them and their security will be discussed.

Present were Thika West OCPD Erustus Muthama, District Administration Police Commander (DAPC) Samuel Ombonya, Deputy Prisons Commander, and the Assistant Deputy Commissioner Jane Manene among others. 

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