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Witchcraft Victim? Boy Vomits Metals, screw And Needles

Macharia being pinned on the ground by several people as he vomits the metallic pieces (Inset)

A family in Majoy Village, Kiamianga area of Kambiti in Maragua Sub-County are living in great fear after their son children started vomiting metallic objects, experiencing fits, and seeing apparitions of strange people, a scenario the family suspects has to do with witchcraft.

According to the 13 year old Standard Six boy, David Macharia, whenever this happens, he experiences some hard time dealing with these apparitions, the ‘demons’ and evil entities that usually take possession of his body, luring him to become a killer.

“It all started one Sunday after I took my bicycle for repair. That evening, I fainted and stated ejecting some foam from the mouth. It from that single instance that my strange hallucinations started haunting me,” said Macharia.

He claimed that these spirits have been feeding him on blood and taking him to the Indian Ocean via Mombasa where they are usually taken underneath the water by some mermaids.

“When we arrived at a place with two tusks, we found a big bridge where ‘mwalimu’ threw seven eggs into the ocean. Two mermaids appeared. We sat on them and they took us underneath the waters,” said the boy.

In the waters, Macharia claims that they found mutilated human body parts in different house and a lot of cash in another. It was at this point that ‘mwalimu’ told him that immediately he was through with the mission of killing his two brothers and their mom, all that money would be his.

The boy also claims that he, along with mwalimu and other spirits have been responsible of the endless fatal accidents that have been claiming lives between Kitini and Kambiti areas along the busy Nairobi-Meru Highway, the most recent one being last month’s accident that involved two lorries that eventually caught fire.

“We have been causing accidents along this roads. In one of the cases, I found myself in the company of another kid who we looked so identical. Mwalimu instructed us to hold the lorry’s steering wheel and swerve it to lose control. Mwalimu stepped on the acceleration peddle of the lorry and did some illustrations that caused an on-coming saloon car to lose control too. The two vehicles got involved in a head-on collision that claimed the lives of one woman and her four kids,” he said.

He claims that after that, they shared and drank the victims’ blood.

“Mwalimu served us with the blood. He took a full cup as I drank half a cup while the rest of the ‘washirika’ took a spoonful each.”
Both his mother and grandmother expressed how the boy suddenly turns violent and unusually stronger that a boy of his age. At the time he is in that state, he whole body jerks, his muscles start to twitch and then falls into that stage of ‘sleep’ where he starts to talk about unusual activity that is only visible to himself.

They claimed that their predicaments started about three months ago. The boy is said to have been talking in strange voices and mentioning a certain neighbour whom he said was taking him to Mombasa.

Mary Njeri, the boy’s grandmother claims that before this whole thing started happening, she happened to see a mirage of a small kid running across her son’s compound one night. One week later, Macharia started fainting and saying some weird things.

She added that one of her sons plus a grandson suffered a similar fate and died. The spirits also attacked her cow which eventually died. In its stomach, they found some pieces of iron, a dog chain and a sweater that had not been digested.

She claims that they have tried seeking solace in so many spiritual leaders but it has not borne any fruit.

The mom, Agnes Wairimu, claims to have taken her son to so many hospitals but in every occasion the doctors have failed to dragonise any problem. She alleges that her son’s predicaments emanate from a neighbour who she says, cast out these demons to her family.

She claims that they have been entangled with some disputes with him since then. The weirdest thing is that during these summons, the man usually behaves strangely and jerks off in the same manner the son does whenever he is possessed by the same spirits.

They are now appealing to anyone who can help them get out of the demons to come to their aid.

“We appeal to the men of God to come and pray for my sons so that these demons can be cat out,” said Wairimu.

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