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She Dumped Her Career Job To Pursue Her Dream Passion In Health & Beauty

Working for years in a job that one doesn’t like is real misery but one great thing about life is that one has a choice to decide what they want to do and if they don’t like it, they do have that option to change.

Take Neha Bhatt who used to work for Chandaria Industries and Bidco Africa for quite some time and earning some good package. In an exclusive interview with Thika Town Today, Neha said that despite all of the successes in her previous work stations, she felt bored and unhappy at her job.

“I was doing quite well and earning a good package for my daily bread but somehow I was not happy and was feeling like this wasn’t my cup of tea. You know that there is job satisfaction where one is happy with what they are doing. That I was not feeling,” said Neha.

She admits that though the job might have been better than what she has now due to the time freedom and the remuneration that came with it, her passion to pursue her dream career pushed her to starting a health and beauty spa in her home town Thika.

Having some prior knowledge about the new venture, she thought of introducing some new experience for the people of Thika Town. She decided to carve her own niche as a service provider out to her clients relax and ‘spoil’ them with a difference.

So, for the first time ever in Thika Town, she introduced the hot stone massage, the Swedish, sport and deep tissues massage at her NHealth & Beauty Spa located at the 4th Floor of Zuri Centre along Kenyatta Highway, just opposite Thika Stadium.

“Getting a massage can do you a world of good but getting the hot stone massage brings out a relatively very new experience to the way Thika people have been enjoying as far as body massage and reflexology. It is said that taking part in this form of regularly scheduled self-care plays a huge part in how healthy you will be and how youthful you will remain,” she says.

Hot stone massage uses smooth, heated stones being placed on the body. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work more deeply, more quickly and makes them feel good.

She contends that most people probably don't realise exactly how good such a special treat of massage therapy is for their overall health. How about if they knew it could improve performance, aid recovery, prevent and eliminate injuries, reduce stress and even enhance metabolism and circulation.

“The kind of lifestyle people live today needs so much of these services. We sit full time in the office and our food is not like before. That is why we need to circulate our blood nicely as you relax and keep your doctor away,” explained Neha.

Other than body massages, the spa also does reflexology, hair & beauty, manicure & pedicure, facial and have a barber shop and bridal make-over. They are also introducing yoga and soon, they plan to introduce salsa classes.

She says that their services are pocket friendly especially now they were offering some promotional discounts. She says that, to them, money is never an issue as they consider customer satisfaction as key to their business.

“We try as much as possible to serve to the client’s satisfaction. Our spa is not about price. We never have a time limit for any of our clients. We are just concerned with you relaxing and having that good time at our place,” she said.

Neha says that her biggest clientele are the local 237ners and sees no reason why people from different races should not live and work together as siblings.

“The issue of race or colour is only in people’s minds. If I cut you now your blood is red. Mine is red too. When you need blood transfusion, you don’t choose whose blood you want. We were all the creation of one God. Infact we serve more African clients than Asians here,” she concludes.

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